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Steam Key Activation Tutorial

The early access version of Imagine Earth is available at Steam and you need to activate a product key in their online copy protection system. First you need to install the steam client software. There’s a download button on the upper right of


After installing you will be asked to login or create a new account.


Logged in the running client you can go to > Games > Activate a product on Steam…


And a few clicks further you will be able to enter the product key of Imagine Earth Ltd. …


You will automatically see the game in Steams Game Library and you can instantly start playing…


If you don’t have a press version for testing you can purchase an early access version in the steam store to support the ongoing project financially. You will thereby own every latest update and the full version of course once it is released. Or just try our latest free demo version. In any case please consider giving us feedback or writing a review about your experiences on steam page of the game.

Colonization Trailer

Imagine Earth is an enthusiastically developed experimental simulation game of me and Martin. To build up your colonies on untouched new worlds you have to research technologies and produce energy, food and goods for your growing number of inhabitants. As the local colony manager you will soon get into a conflict between the corporations profit goals which are to exploit and utilize the planets resources and the need to develop a sustainable civilization to avoid riscing a global climate collapse and therefore making the biosphere unlivable.

Demo version and crowdfunding

We will definitely bring a demo version with the new year. That time we’ll also start a crowdfunding campaign on to raise money for the last period of development which is considered taking up nine month more. But the Plan is to release early alpha and episodic updates. Every two months there will be a new playable planet, one directly after the funding… Expect more infos and material appearing on our official project website in the following days …

The Gameplay Footage at the end of the trailer is from a new gamplay mode called “Time Trial“. At the point where your company has been bought up by corporations, this mode will get unlocked after finishing the missions and while have to compete against the expansion clock to match the corporations profit targets.

Planetary Colonization

Hey guys! Me and Martin just got on Indie DataBase with our enthusiasticly endless indie production “Imagine Earth” and to celebrate this we are releasing the latest 2 minute game trailer on this platform first. Please enjoy watching and tell us what you think about it…  We are also preparing a demo version that will definitely come with the new year. That time we also want to start a crowdfunding campaign on to raise money for the last period of development which we consider to take nine month. Our Plan is to release Early Alpha and Episodic updates of every finished planet directly after the funding… consider more infos and material appearing on this site in the following days or check by the official project website Thanks for your interest! The time of planetary colonization has come. Claim your territory on various planets with huge cities. Expand into space faster than any other corporation.


Shopping Malls


Good news everyone!

We invented Shopping Malls that will bring a lot of excellent stuff to raise the mood in all City Districts nearby. An alternative way of raising the life quality in growing cities and to secure the delivery of goods to your people. A simple truth about comsumerism it makes your people happy!

Here an early scribble of those shopping malls and other Districts that will enhance the citycomplexity
shopping mall

Thanks for the interest and have a nice week!Jooki & Martin

Cultural Heritage

There are new things in the Worlds of “Imagine Earth Ltd.” We talked about these Rocks in last week’s update. They are nasty blockades and mining them will take time and money but your growing civilisation needs room and rocks might even reveal interesting groundtypes after beeing removed.


Gold deposits

are the counterpart to these disturbing rocks. You see them on the left of the screenshot above. Mining those will grant you a big income. It will also take time, but this extra income will be particulary helpful in the phase of starting a new civilisation, which often isn’t too cost effective in that state!


Temples, graves, pyramides

From now on you will find some rare and old constructions on every globe which could be summarized as world cultural heritage. Temples, graves and so on will have a very positive and widespread influence on the mood of your citizens and their life quality while they provide cutural tradition and identity to your people.

But you might be tempted to plunder these historical facilities for cheap instant credit at the latest when your planet falls into crisis…

Brave New World

tuto2Good news everyone! A new world is born. It’s a small world of only 180 fields but it is coated in beautiful deciduous trees and topped with interesting formations of rock.
Proud like parents we present the latest starchild but we still haven’t named it yet, we thought about asking you for a smart name. Something short… like Joma or so …and two abstract syllables would really be enough… please drop your idea on our facebook site.

ForestThis one got nessecary because we finally realised that the stuff in the current tutorial world is enough for two. It’s even smaller than Tuto and the boss will not ask you for more than 700.000 population just to train the basics of city tuning and supplies. So people can go into the first tough job with more ideas how to start a civilisation successfully. In the storyline this one will be the application test before you get the job and get into Joe’s department.

Rocks will play an important part in the game mechanics. They block fields and mining them will take a long time. You will have the expensive option to blast them away at any time.

RocksBut there will also be some cliffs filled with precious metals and mining those will make rich enough to start new inventions or at least pay some bills.
As they are also overgrown by forests the do a bit of emission and pollution compensation.

Working on this planet we decided to give up the city building limitations. Districts can now be built everywhere buts it’s still vital to upgrade the citycenters the old way of course.

Please check out the old demo on steam or stay tuned for the new one in a few weeks. In that case you might want to sign up for email release notification on the right?



Crowdfunding Ideas

A short update concerning the future road map of Imagine Earth.
After a long time of development we decided to start a crowdfuning. This has two reasons:

  1. We need some money to pay for the establishment of a small business partnership, sounds and especially localization.
  2. It’s time to go out in the public and tell the people about Imagine Earth on a great scale!

Right now we are planning all details and need a lot of contacts to spread the word about the Crowdfunding.

Do you know someone who would like to mention the crowdfunding for Imagine Earth in a blog, newsletter, …? Please tell us here, on facebook or write an email to martin(at)

You can also leave your email on the right to get notified once the crowdfunding starts. We will post more details soon.