Cultural Heritage

There are new things in the Worlds of “Imagine Earth Ltd.” We talked about these Rocks in last week’s update. They are nasty blockades and mining them will take time and money but your growing civilisation needs room and rocks might even reveal interesting groundtypes after beeing removed.


Gold deposits

are the counterpart to these disturbing rocks. You see them on the left of the screenshot above. Mining those will grant you a big income. It will also take time, but this extra income will be particulary helpful in the phase of starting a new civilisation, which often isn’t too cost effective in that state!


Temples, graves, pyramides

From now on you will find some rare and old constructions on every globe which could be summarized as world cultural heritage. Temples, graves and so on will have a very positive and widespread influence on the mood of your citizens and their life quality while they provide cutural tradition and identity to your people.

But you might be tempted to plunder these historical facilities for cheap instant credit at the latest when your planet falls into crisis…