Brave New World

tuto2Good news everyone! A new world is born. It’s a small world of only 180 fields but it is coated in beautiful deciduous trees and topped with interesting formations of rock.
Proud like parents we present the latest starchild but we still haven’t named it yet, we thought about asking you for a smart name. Something short… like Joma or so …and two abstract syllables would really be enough… please drop your idea on our facebook site.

ForestThis one got nessecary because we finally realised that the stuff in the current tutorial world is enough for two. It’s even smaller than Tuto and the boss will not ask you for more than 700.000 population just to train the basics of city tuning and supplies. So people can go into the first tough job with more ideas how to start a civilisation successfully. In the storyline this one will be the application test before you get the job and get into Joe’s department.

Rocks will play an important part in the game mechanics. They block fields and mining them will take a long time. You will have the expensive option to blast them away at any time.

RocksBut there will also be some cliffs filled with precious metals and mining those will make rich enough to start new inventions or at least pay some bills.
As they are also overgrown by forests the do a bit of emission and pollution compensation.

Working on this planet we decided to give up the city building limitations. Districts can now be built everywhere buts it’s still vital to upgrade the citycenters the old way of course.

Please check out the old demo on steam or stay tuned for the new one in a few weeks. In that case you might want to sign up for email release notification on the right?