Building Sustainable Civilizations

Imagine Earth is a global city builder and a climate crisis simulator.

Build and supply your own global civilization. Develop infrastructure and trade to thrive and prosper. Do research for sustainable production lines and renewable energy sources to lower emissions and avoid global warming, increasing disasters and rising sea levels.

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Economic Strategy

While Imagine Earth starts as a relaxed building simulation and resource management game it can turn into an ecological survival thriller based on your development decisions.

The game puts you in the position of a global economic player. Compete economically against rival corporations or form strategic alliances to adress diplomatic and environmental issues in the world congress. The final challenge is to preserve the quality of life for your inhabitants and establish a balance between growth and sustainability.

Press Coverage

“Super detailed and laser focused” Geoff Keighly
“Build better worlds in Imagine Earth”– Rock Paper Shotgun
“looks kind of cool” – Kotaku
“Engaging and enchanting.”
“One of the great management proposals of recent times.”
85%Genericon Pixel
“Offers an immersive and thought-provoking experience.”
80%Checkpoint Gaming
“Imagine Earth is an original hymn to ecology.”
“Artistically every planet is a little wonder”

86%Epic Games | 83%Opencritic | 82% –Microsoft Store | 78% –Metacritic

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Growth and Sustainability

Imagine Earth focuses on the conflict between economic growth and environmental destruction. Corporations that compete economically will have to work together at a certain point to maintain the environment as their economic base. In this context the game deals with business ethics, globalization and the economic growth spiral.

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Climate Change

Imagine Earth makes the most threatening and pressing problem of human history playable in a simulation. The challenge of global warming, which often seems too abstract and inconceivable to an individual, becomes tangible and treatable for a single player. We want to offer the responsibility for the fate of a global ecosystem and the freedom to choose his own path.

The Role of Climate and Environment

In this article, you can read how Imagine Earth addresses the problem of global warming and the conflict between economic growth and environmental destruction, and how we made the climate crisis a motivating and authentic core mechanic in the game.

Since we donate the soundtrack sales to charity we managed to plant 48,940 in total with your help!

Trading and Production

Merchants and technology traders organize the interplanetary trade and will happily buy all minerals and resources you extract from your territory while selling helpful technologies. You can also craft strategic equipment from the harvested rare materials and produced goods.

Infrastructure and Expansion

The job of a space colony manager is to develop efficient production and space trade to thrive and prosper. Start with building infrastructure and resource management. Build city districts and supply them with food, energy and goods. Find the best placement for every construct. They have many positive and negative influences on each other and there are various ground conditions and fossil deposits on the fields.

Economic Competition

Players are competing economically against other corporations for supremacy over globalized markets. This includes share trading and hostile takeovers. You can even use terraforming and weather manipulation to sabotage your opponents stock prices. Make deals and form alliances or face all kinds of diplomatic struggles over resource exhaustion and land grabbing.

Game Features

  • Global and realtime world experience instead of playing on limited square maps
  • 9 planets/missions with fully playable and story based campaigns
  • Competition game mode to play against up to 5 other AI factions with individual agendas
  • Tower defence with energy shields and lasers against space pirates, alien invaders and locusts
  • Diplomacy and trade with local colonies and space traders
  • More than 80 individual upgrades with over 50 constructs
  • Development and research system for advanced and sustainable technologies
  • Share market for refinancing and hostile take over of opponent cities and colonies
  • Freeplay mode with a procedural planet generator for endless worlds and challenges
  • Planet Editor for terraforming, building and customizing individual planets which can be saved and shared
  • Global climate simulation of local pollution and worldwide emissions and melting polar caps and disasters
  • Disasters: Chemical spills, oil slicks, radioactive contamination, wild fires, tornadoes, volcanoes, dying forest and growing deserts, alien and robotic invaders, etc.

Age Ratings

a Serious Brothers Game