1.16 – Alien Signals

Dear colony managers, we have continued to improve the global management system, but have also found and ironed out a few bugs.

Radio NoisesWhen characters speak, the voice output is sometimes missing because we have added new content to the game since the dubbing. The replacement sounds no longer sound like talking backwards, which irritated many people. Instead, they sound like real radio interference.

Holographic ProjectionWe’ve also added a fancy holographic projection effect. When characters radio in and out.

Building DebrisDamaged and destroyed buildings now emit a rain of components that have been loosened by the explosion. I don’t know if anyone noticed, but they were rocks ;D

Cancel actions for items You can now only cancel item processes with a quick right-click, so that you don’t accidentally deactivate them when moving the camera.

Bookmark PanelDescriptions of buildings are now displayed in the bookmark panel. A planet icon is now displayed outside the construction area.

More Improvements

  • Warehouse Auto-Harvest remains off when you move a building or build new ones.
  • Visualizing pause play time more clearly
  • A guide to user interface, controls and handling. Big thanks to MB for writing a detailed explanation of the interface and all its elements!

Bug Fixes

  • Merchant pays more for landing permit than he takes
  • Satellite Hub: Positioning of the satellite
  • Upgrades are shown in tool ring of foreign cities
  • Multi-talent achievement does not work
  • Generated planets have slums
  • Fish trawlers “being flooded”
  • Wrong text for explanation of “Indoctrination”
  • Typo: “Idea bomb” instead of “Ideon bomb”
  • Tuto landing cutscene broken
  • Bangka Island cannot be taken over
  • Explosions from last game no longer stay on the planet after loading a savegame
  • Mission briefing in pause screen when message is locked
  • Game rarely hangs in the challenge menu
  • Error in temperature calculation