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Alpha 40 „Diplomacy“

Space colony people, may we have your attention please?

The age of diplomacy just kicked into Imagine Earth! Other corporations now have an attitude towards you. When you are being offensive they will find appropriate strategies to react to your doings.  Also there’s a mighty construct in this update for you as well: The Midras Extractor creates tornadoes and does terraforming.

Read your way down through all those good news to catch a glimpse of some future plans we have.

Thanks very much for being with us! If you do like the way we do things here please consider giving the game a thumps up on Steam. It would help as a lot!

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  • Diplomacy
  • Midras Extractor
  • Niter pumpkin seeds
  • Planet Bonus Goals
  • AI & Merchants
  • Fixes & Improvements


Did you always want to interact more with the colonies you share the planet with? Well we did ever since. Now the other corporations have a mood set in seven levels from being allies to enemies. They react to certain events that you trigger like stealing their land by building a tower or using a hacking tool against them.

As you can see they stopped trading stuff with us because I threw an asteroid on them. There reactions go down to aggressively taking my terrain and buildings.

Note that these are our first „diplomatic steps“ and will definitely need some refinement and your feedback!

Midras Extractor

The Extractor is a high tech construct of the Midras. It absorbs the power of fallen asteroids to generate force fields. It can do rare condensation to turns rocks into gold. Technically it condenses all the small metal particles so they become harvestable. A second power generates a force field in the sky to create a small-scale air vortex in the earth’s atmosphere with an almost vertical axis of rotation – a tornado. Third it enables you to do terraforming.

For the next update we plan to build these and other temple structures with artifacts you can buy from the various races.

Nitro Pumpkin Seeds

Natives will sell pumpkin seeds now. You can use them to plant your own nitro-pumpkins whereever you like.

In addition they trade ideon treasure maps showing how much ideon is in the nearest ideon deposit. Of course, you will also find classic products like gaian energy containers and the universes most favorite meal drug „Spice“ in their shop.

Planet Bonus Goals

The bonus competition missions in the campaign mode now have 5 goals which help to introduce the victory point systems. This will make it more of a challenge to reach full points in your game profile.

AI & Merchants

  • The different AI fractions have individual item crafting preferences
  • AI finally has trade demands for energy, food and goods
  • AI actively buys resources for crafting tactical items
  • AI pays more attention to its emission balance
  • AI starts with less money because the where to rich!
  • Merchants only offers rare resources and goods – no longer food and energy
  • Merchants tries to offer things the player likely needs (e.g. for crafting)

Fixes & Improvements

  • Nice new snowy mountains
  • New construct: ski lodge for winter sports. Ahm no, just kiddin‘! Time for spring to come…
  • Titanium goal on Tuto had a problem that we fixed.
  • Lithium goal on Lorian had an error regarding the amount of lithium that you were about to harvest.
  • Laser rotation speed got faster now to shoot asteroids in time.
  • Icon render order fixed.
  • Fixed profile generation available colors.
  • Fire spreads slower – we felt it was to dangerous.
  • Building city center no longer costs extra money. The landing permission is enough.
  • You can now destruct assimilator ruins. We wonder why nobody did complain, about this.

Future Constructs

During the holidays Jens scribbled down some ideas about the next buildings that will fill the build rings in of our game. Tell us which one feel most intriging to you or what other possible game features you would like to see. The 3 most original ideas in the comments of our blog will win a steam key for yourself or a friend:

Thanks for reading about Imagine Earth!
Martin & Jens

Alpha 39 „Thera“

Fellow space colony managers,

we recently discovered a new planet – say hello to Thera. In addition, our world management system needed some adjustments. All building upgrades were rebalanced and the resource simulation was revised. And of course there is so much more…..


  • New bonus mission on planet thera – a planet like earth
  • New vegetation graphics
  • Upgrade balancing
  • Resource simulation revised
  • Assimilators & Xrathul Harvester interaction with bombs
  • New trailer voiceover
  • Other improvements

Thera – a Planet Like Earth

The latest planet that you can unlock in the bonus galaxy is Thera. It might remind you of another planet you left long ago, right where you grew up before you joined the colonization business and started building a better future in space. Make sure that history wont repeat itself on this planet…

Organic Flora

We added some edge modells to forests so they look more organic and more round than triangle. As simply as this is said as astonishing it does look in the game.

Upgrade Balancing

All the upgrades in the game have been revisited and rebalanced. We mostly made them cheaper and more powerful to increase their strategic value.

Furthermore the visualization has been improved so you can see the most important numbers at a glimpse.

Resource Simulation

In order to make the upgrades more significant, we also had to adjust the complete resource simulation.

Let’s have a look at the most important change: The production and consumption values of all buildings are now per space minute instead of per space second.
For example the tax value of a district now represents what is collected within a full space minute. 1/60 of the amount will be added to your budget ervery space second.
If your colony makes a profit of +300€, it will take one space minute until the full amount is added to your budget. This equals +5€ per space second.

This allowed us to increase the production and consumption values of all buildings which makes them easier to read and compare.
Money related values have been increased by factor 10. Energy, food, goods and rare resources have been increased by factor 2-4. The same goes for emissions and field pollution.

In addition it allowed us to halve prices and money budget and to reduce the size of a resource cargo from from 1.000 to 100 units. These values are now easier to read and compare with the production as well.

Assimilators & Xrathul Harvester Interaction

These flying enemies are now attackable with ideon bombs and explosive devices, which will be thrown on them by your drones.
To do so you can simply hover and click the flying enemy unit and pick the item of your choice. Thisway you also get a context info about their motives and vulnerabilities.

New Trailer Voice Over

As you can hear the game features and mechanics are now explained by a native speaker with a compelling voice. As soon as we find time to redo the intro/trailer we also want to have this voice for Lima, the leading character in the game.

More Stuff

  • The inventory is now accessible through the tool ring for fields where it makes sense to use items. In addition you can open the construct ring with a right click any time.
  • Tower upgrades are also constructable through the tool ring when you have bought the corresponding item from a trader.
  • No distorting ringing sound for infos anymore.
  • Joe’s 50k Sales Goal on Mission Joma is only triggered when Joe was not already fired by the boss… oups, that was a spoiler ;D
  • On Planet Iqunox you have to craft medicine now instead of just selling medical substence harvested from corals.
  • Rounos Native Quest now tells you to build towers to repress uprisings of angry natives.
  • Mission Joma: We added a „Buy Scanner“ goal to make more clear how to proceed in the mission.


  • The fieldmarker was redesigned to look better!
  • Tons of forest models have been optimized and graphics reworked.
  • Underwater build animation got fixed.
  • Hospital icon fixed, pumpkin shadow fixed.
  • Rooftop of the saw mill construct fixed.
  • Palms bigger and bump map fixed.
  • Reconstruct icon fixed.

Alpha 35 „Atmosphere“

Dear Space Colonists. We have released our monthly update of Imagine Earth. In the next days we will also update the Demo version to the latest state.


  • Atmospheric scattering shader
  • Hover cars add some life to cities
  • More variety for assimilator battles
  • Reworked and extended mission on Bora
  • Outro
  • Temple sacrifice logic changed
  • Loads of detail improvements

Atmospheric Scattering Shader

This release is foremost a beauty and game atmosphere update.

We have implemented a new atmospheric scattering shader that puts every planet into a unique light color situation.

Hover Cars

Hover cars fly through the skyscraper canyons of your cities and show how full districts are. They bring some visual life into the so far empty city districts and the whole colony environment at all

This is only the beginning – we plan to have cars driving to all of the supply buildings as well.

Bora Mission & Assimilator

It got totally reworked to make the end boss more understandable and assailable. The robotic entity is now attackable not only with astroid strikes but also with gaian fire, volcano eruptions from the temple and bombs as well.

The companions are constantly giving you tips how to attack the assimilators.

In addition we put a lot of work into rounding up the storytelling of the mission. Plus there is now a proper outro sequence thanking you for your great efforts to make it this far 😉

Temple Changes

We also had to redesign how temples work. Spells are now available from the beginning as you have to sacrifice anyway to get the construct loaded with gaian energy.

You can now queue sacrifices and load up to four tons of gifts into it that will slowly be turned into gaia one after the other. This makes spells much more accessible and the temples therefor much more use- and powerful.

More Improvements

  • Tutorial now points out the hotkeys and control hint panel that you activate by pressing F1
  • Build shortcuts are working again: Q,W,E,A,D,Y,X,C will directly take you into the several building categories
  • Fixed overlapping button icons in sandbox mode
  • Stoniness will no longer be seen in the navigation view options as it is a thing that is changing the landscape only visually and indirectly influences the fertility of a field.
  • Corals and seegras will no longer burn.
  • You can again save your self-made planets from the sandbox mode.
  • No more sounds looping when game is minimized
  • Merchant was given more importance by letting him sell landing permits and development licenses exclusively
  • Midras: Item and resource availability and food demand have been optimized in their visualization.
  • Illuminati now sell gaian containers
  • Claiming land costs less next to towers
  • Cannons on frontier towers will no longer shoot each other
  • Fixed AI behavior in case of climate change
  • Smart styled mailing list form:
  • Mission, info and housing icons reworked
  • Fixed company score calculation
  • Fishing boats float on the surface of the ocean again
  • Editor: special field types can be overwritten again


Alpha 32 „Sea Farms & Drones“

We present you the greater changes of the April release #32 in a short video on YT. It’s definitely an experiment we wanted to try. Hope you like it:


  • The sea farm is a new food producing building.
  • Forest, rocks and rare resources are now harvested with drones that are stationed at your warehouses.
  • Researched items can now be reset in the campaign screen.
  • We have updated the official trailer. Check it out here.
  • Midras and natives now trade with gold instead of money.
  • Land claiming and tower claim visualizations have been optimized.
  • Day & night lighting improved.
  • Fixed a lot of small problems and balancing stuff in the Tuto, Magni and Bora missions

Sea Farms

Building of the month is the new construct called sea farm. It can be build on coast fields and sea fields adjacent to land (called „near-shore“). It works as port logistics for offshore fishing boats and the building can also breed shellfish to intensify food production for higher pollution values. The smokehouse upgrades makes its food production more durable, but comes with higher running costs.

Harvest Drones

Little drones that fly around and actually harvest the stuff you ordered to crop or gather. They are stationed on the warehouse and limit the number of crop actions that you can make. But most of all they are pretty good looking and the AI uses them too.

Reset Research

You can now reset your research decisions and strategy in the campaign screen.

New Official Trailer

The Trailer was reworked to show some more actual footage from the game. It has grown old as i had no time to change the video material for nearly two years. Really ;D Check it out here.

New Construction Site

The construction site model is more advanced now. In the next version we want to add individual build and landing animations, also for space ships to make everything a bit more cinematic…

Tower Range Visualization Changed

From now on if you construct, deconstruct or relocate towers you see a red visualization for the land you loose and blue marks on the field you claim. Expensive Upgrades will be relocated as well.

Planet Day & Night Lighting

The Planet was always too dark and contrast less on the night side. With the new moon light night shifts now have become much easier.

Gold Trading

Some NPCs like Natives & Midras will no longer trade for the universal currency of the galaxy. They stick to the gold standard and you can buy gold from merchants or dig it out yourself. These guys will also pay you for certain resources they’re interested in with gold, so you can gather exchange values this way as well.

Special Upgrade Items in the Shop

Laser, Pulse & Shield Upgrades Items can now be bought from traders. This is especially helpful in the Lorian and Magni missions. So if you do not research you can still defend yourself against alien threats and stuff.

Land Claims Repriced

This tool just got more cost intensive as well. It’s price depends on the distance to the outer radius of your city center. This means the price gets higher the farer away you claim land from your city.

Mission Improvements

Excessive bugfixes and roundups for the missions on Tuto, Magni and Bora.

Other stuff

  • Bookmark panel shows twisters and Xrathul harvesters
  • Several editor fixes
  • Improved animation quality for drones
  • Fixed game-speed dependent particle generation
  • Improved city level up animation
  • Reduced forest’s sensitivity to temperature and fertility
  • Renamed meteoroid to asteroid to better reflect size relations and impact
  • Cursor shows progress ring when tooltips are coming up
  • Fixed sandbox menu
  • Improved hyperspace gate menu

Alpha 30 „Hyperspace Gate“

Welcome to the hyperspace! We are starting to extend the campaign with bonus planets you can access using a hyperspace gate. This gate is being build by Moax the tech trader, who will be able to complete his construction if you find and deliver him enough ideon crystals during the campaign missions.

Udoxia Galaxy

The gate leads into a new galaxy that contains new planets and missions.


Edora is the first planet in the Udoxia Galaxy. A small planet with giant icebergs at its polar caps. The low valleys of this planet will be flooded immediately by the melt of global warming.

The planet offers a predefined expansion competition against two opposing fractions. This world is also the experimental test ground to establish and improve AI battles in the game. Please give your feed back on how we could improve the interaction with other factions.

Having predefined competitions with a general comparable highscore might be the main concept of the missions in this galaxy. It adds playable content and challenging competition with some additional extra goals to master. This reduces the necessity of story filled scripted missions that need endless balancing.

New alien race: Minas

This short-lived race of typhers and diggers builds giants machines to rummage through entire solar systems searching for rare earths and noble metals. Even though they totally ignore money they are valuable trading partners. They produce rare items and exchange them for raw materials. You will meet these dudes for the first time in a reworked Lorian mission… and they will occur eventually on all following planets.

New terrain texturing algorithm

We have put some additional work into our terrain texturing algorithm to make sure the characteristics of each field are visualized in a clear way. This includes the fertility, temperature and rockiness. In addition fields that might be flooded by rising sea levels have a more sandy or stony look. The transition from one characteristic to another used to be quite blurred. The new shader uses material based alpha blending to enhance this. For example you will see little green spots on terrain, when it becomes more fertile.

Brush sizes

Choose four different brush sizes when drawing height, fertility, temperature, rockiness, forests and bioms.

Editing local temperature is now clamped between +/-20°C

Forest brush

The brandnew „Forest brush“ places forests that match the local field types and ground conditions. That’s good, because the plants need certain climate conditions to prosper and grow.

Improved forests

The updated use of transparency for deciduous and acacia forests, mushrooms and palm trees shows a great way to revolutionize the overall look of Imagine Earth’s flora.


Deposits of this new rare metalic resource can be found primarily in the dryland biom which are infertile areas with medium temperature. Titanite is so far just costly and exchangable with bombs at the Minas store.

Campaign translation possible

For those in our community who are interested in translating the game. It is finally possible to do translation of the mission scripts as well. Now it is possible to translate every single written word in Imagine Earth. All details are explained in the community translations section of the forums.

New item: Rocket kit

As rockets are now at the end of the research chain. Luckily you can buy rocket building sets from our latest alien race, the Minas.

Construction drones

We have implemented flying construction drones. They lift off and land in a new hangar at the city center tower. It’s an early version but its already fun to see them being busy to set up new constructs. Future implementations might include harvester drones for resources that start and land on warehouses or automated repair drones on the repair units. Currently the city center has one drone per city level.

Other stuff

  • Traders leave when spaceport is destroyed
  • Terrain height is visualized with height lines
  • Fixed „no sound“ problem
  • Improved „white screen on startup“ problem
  • Big Illuminati temples are no longer destroyable
  • Activating the shield on Bora needs a single completely loaded big Illuminati temple
  • Free Play: Renamed threats to events and added the miner, tech trader and merchant
  • Improved „earth over“ messages
  • Meteorite metal is now called crytanite
  • Display status timer ring for crashing meteorites

PS: Thanks to all of you who voted us in the indie of the year competition. We made it into the overall top 100 and the top 4 of futuristic sims – next to Space Engineers, Empyrion and RimWorld!

Alpha 28 „Biomes“

  • 9 different biome types to classify different areas on each planet
  • Planet texturing based on biomes
  • Planet generator based on biomes
  • Biome editor in sandbox mode
  • New forest type Acacia
  • New food producing building Cultivation Unit
  • First version of Spanish community translation
  • Balancing of forests and buildings


This is a fundamental new (and really awesome) gameplay element. Biomes classify the average temperature and fertility of a small planet area. Each comes with an individual type of forest and graphics for the ground, rocks and mountains.


Summed up: It’s much easier to just see how well a certain area on the planet fits the needs of your colony. Here is a short description of all 9 biomes:

  • Rainforest: Hot and very fertile area where palm trees grow.
  • Savanna: Hot area of medium fertility where acacia grow.
  • Desert: Hot and barren area where cacti grow.
  • Subtrope: Fertile area where thick bamboo forests grow.
  • Temperate zone: Area with moderate fertility and temperatures, in which a lot of deciduous forest grows.
  • Drylands: Infertile area in the medium temperature range.
  • Mires: Cold but fertile area in which mushroom forest grows.
  • Taiga: Cold area of medium fertility with a lot of coniferous forest.
  • Mountain: Cold area of high elevation, which is mostly barren. Thinly populated with coniferous forest.

In addition Illuminati temples and camps are placed in the hot biomes rainforest, savanna and desert. Other temples and native camps are used in the moderate temperature areas of the subtrope biome, temperate zone and drylands.

Since this is a completely new game element we still have to figure out a few details. Please let us know what you think about the biomes!

Biome based planet generator

Those biomes are perfect to generate different types of planets.


As shown above the planet generator now allows you to define the biome distribution on the planet.

Each planet themes also come with a predefined configuration. E.g. Bora is a very fertile planet that mainly comes with the fertile biomes Rainforest, Subtrope and Mires, but also some areas of Savanna, Temperate zone and Taiga.

Biome sandbox editor

In the sandbox editor you can use the biomes to paint the planet with regions of different temperature, fertility, fossils, forests, rocks, rare resources and temples.


Cultivation Unit

This new building is made available in the Joma mission. It breeds and harvests crops that thrive in symbiosis with the local flora. Therefore, each adjacent forest piece  increases the yield of berries and herbs.


The upgrade „bio lab“ reduces the costs of the cultivation program by genetic adaptation of the seedlings to local conditions.

The upgrade „external herb beds“ enables the cultivation of valuable herbs and grasses on areas that can not be used for other plants.


A new type of forest that is very robust against drought and mainly spread in the savanna biome.


Community Translation

Alpha 28 comes with the first version of a Spanish translation that has been written by Purple Sister. THANKS A LOT! In addition a french translation is in progress.

If you are also working on a translation or would like to contribute, please let us know in the community translation thread in the forums.


We have updated the Imagine Earth fonts with a few new letters (for czech). In addition the many UI elements now automatically make sure the text fits into the available space.

The next big step here for us is to make missions translatable.


  • Frontier tower is now available starting with the Joma mission
  • Relocation tool now also relocated upgrades
  • Explosive device now completely blasts rocks (instead of only 50%)
  • Forest growth calculation has been updated based on the new biomes
  • Mine produces more at lower cost
  • Recycling factory produces more goods
  • Sorting system no longer causes increased ground pollution
  • Fishing port upgrades require less energy and money
  • Cattle farm needs less energy and money
  • Waterworks has greater dependence on fertility

Special thanks to Justice for writing a very detailed balancing feedback on this!

Other stuff

  • Completely pause the game
  • New ideon goal in Joma mission (5th bonus goal)
  • Pulse cannon is available for defense against first Xrathul wave on Magni
  • Orientation of particle effects for better engine exhaust graphics
  • New animation for fishing port graphics
  • New colorization and icons for rare resources
  • Big Illuminati temple has now up to 8 gaian power slots
  • Graphics setting „Shader quality“ allows disabling normals maps for more performance
  • New neutral smiley icon when when city is unpopulated
  • Number of available items sold be the tech trader is now shown as bars

Indie of the Year Award

Help us win the Indie of the Year AwardIndie of the Year Awards

Take Part in MonoGame Testrun

Hi, as announced with the last alpha release, we are replacing the underlying game framework XNA with MonoGame. This makes it a lot easier for us to find bugs and enhance the performance of Imagine Earth (e.g. by using DirectX 11). In addition it enables us to port Imagine Earth to other platforms, though this is not something we plan to do at the moment.

Since technological changes often come with bugs, we need your help to test the new MonoGame version of Imagine Earth.

We have a beta version available for you to test. This will not affect your savegame or anything and you can switch back anytime if you are experiencing problems.

All you need to do is:

  1. open the Imagine Earth properties in Steam, go to the „BETAS“ tab
  2. enter the access code „monogametest“ and press the „check code“ button
  3. finally select the „monogame“ beta and accept. Now Steam will load the changed files
  4. Try the game and let us know if it works

2016-05-01 MonoGameBeta

Alpha 22 „Emission Levy“

Another month is over and Alpha 22 is ready for you. In short:

  • Emission levy to balance global pollution
  • New take over rules
  • New preview images in tech menu
  • Harvesting forests and mining rocks earns goods
  • Cold temperatures reduce the harvest of your farms
  • Changed savegame directory structure
  • Porting to MonoGame prepared
  • Bugfixes and balancing …

Emission Levy

The emission levy (as shown in the image above) is a new rule introduced to add some fairness to the aspect of global pollution. Once the climate balance of the planet falls into negative, the companies with high emissions have to pay charges to the companies whose emissions are below the average. A good incentive to reduce emissions.

New Take Over Rules

The last alpha version 21 introduced to possibility to take over opponent cities by buying 50% or more of their taxes. We have collected your feedback and added our own ideas to further refine this.


The value of a colony itself is now much higher to make sure freshly build colonies are worth more than 5-10% shares. Additionally we changed the rules for watchtowers (!):

  • A watchtower that has no connection to a colony center will be lost. This can happen when (A) an opponent takes over a colony or (B) a connecting watchtower is destroyed.
  • Watchtowers that have no owner and are adjacent to your colony can now be taken over by paying some money.

This makes the whole process of taking over opponent colonies a bit more interesting and challenging.

New Preview in Tech Menu

All buildings and their upgrades have received new preview images that are show when hovering them in the tech menu.


Harvesting Forests & Mining Rocks

With the new version you no longer earn money when harvesting forests. Instead you receive goods every tick until you cancel the harvest process or the forest is uprooted.

2016-04-30 HarvestGoods

This is also the case for rocks. Mining them now also gives you goods that can be used by your population.

Important: Harvesting forests with the chainsaw tool and blasting rocks will give you only a part of the goods and you will need a storage to keep them, because everything is earned at once.

timber for goods

Influences of Temperature

The temperature of a planet field is shown at the bottom left of the screen in the field info panel. Farms and some forest types are affected by cold temperatures. The following screenshots shows an industrial farm that was build on a field with a temperature of -8°C. This extremely reduces the amount of food produced, as shown in the message panel.

2016-04-30 Temperature

Changes to Savegame Directory Structure

We have simplified the directory structure of savegames (left old, right new). When you start the new released version of Imagine Earth everything should be changed automatically. However, it’s always possible that something goes wrong. If savegames are missing please check the directory structure and write a support request to

2016-04-30 DirStructure

MonoGame Portation

Imagine Earth has been developed using Microsoft XNA – an easy game framework that is no longer in active development. Luckily members of the XNA community started to develop MonoGame which now can be used as an open source replacement. This makes it a lot easier for us to find bugs and enhance the performance of Imagine Earth (e.g. by using DirectX 11). In addition it enables us to port Imagine Earth to other platforms, though this is not something we plan to do at the moment.

Long story short: During the last weeks a lot of time went into porting Imagine Earth to MonoGame – especially sounds and music. Since a new technology might also introduce new bugs we will start a public test in the next days. Stay tuned if you are interested in helping us to make sure everything runs smooth.

Alpha 21 „Taking over!“

Here is our Easter release: Alpha 21 „Taking over!“ – 10 new features – all in one basket. Please leave a comment to let us know how you like it!

Take over colonies
of other companies

You can now take over your opponent’s cities in free play and competition mode one by one. All you need is 50% of their shares. When taking over a city you give up shares with the same value as the city and you have to pay some additional money. And then… it’s all yours! A new economic way to world domination.


Bloom & Blur

We added some up to date visual effects, namely bloom and blur to the game. See how beautiful the sunlight is now reflected on ocean water and the shiny metal roofs of your colonies, as well as bonfires, cities lights and crystals are glowing in the dark.

In addition the research, technology and stats screens received a smooth blur effect in the background.


New Info Panel

Long since there was more to be know about the ground types and fields on “Imagine Earth” than the old info panel could visualize. So here’s the new one with less bars and a fixed window position. Fertility, pollution and temperature are very important factors that now each have their own slot and are readable in a clear way.

With this interface change made we also decided to let the fertility of a field influence the food production. This means the bonus on a fertile field now depends on the exact fertility and the handicap on a desert field depends on how much desert-like the field really is. As a result it’s now much easier to find an acceptable field for a farm – and it feels less like a puzzle game.


Multiple Fossils & Ore

With the new Info Panel there are now up to three different fossil resources in one field. We therefor removed the general fossil type because it was confusing. Now every fossil production building (e.g. coal power plant) will only be influenced by it’s corresponding fossil resources (e.g. coal).

Ore is a new fossil type that boost the productivity of mines.


Ideon Bomb & Item menu

The second items in the merchants shop are ideon bombs. As powerful as they are expensive, but finally a way to blast the small mountains out of your way that are hindering the expansion of your colony.


New Research: Blast

You can now research the blasting of rocks. This helps you to get rid of them much faster. It’s more cost intensive but time is money, isn’t it?

Earn Research Budget
with Science Points

science points

Leveled city districts have a new very important function in the free play and competition game modes. They add to your amount of science points. This amount will unlock new research budget which allows you to unlock the blessings of latest technology achievements for your colonies. In addition you can also get some research budget at the merchant – for a lot of money.

Victory Point Notification

In the competition mode you will now be notified whenever you or a concurrent company earns a victory point.

2016-03-24 VictoryPointNotification

Changed Victory Point Rules

To make sure the „highest …“ victory points don’t jump around between the players we added a small change of rules to the victory points for quality of life, productivity and ground pollution:
When a player has received the victory point you need to exceed that player by 5% in order to take the victory point away.

New Communication Interface Graphics

Still needs some fine tuning… but much better than when these guys where just hanging behind the text boxes. If you ask me.


That’s all for today, thanks for reading! Remember: Please leave a comment to let us know how you like it!

Alpha 20 „Victory is Yours“

Hi! Our focus for Alpha 20 was to improve the Free Play and Competition game modes. Here is everything in detail:

New Free Play & Competition Menu

This had to be done once and for all. Here’s the brand new game setup screen that brings all the features for „Free play“ and „Competition“ together in a consistent and intuitive interface. This setup has everything there is in the game so far and it lets you customize it in your own way. Ready for new content and features…

New Game 4

New Game 2

New Game 3

Victory Point System

So, here’s the first version of a victory point system that shell make competitive game play much more interesting. Why don’t you give it a try and tell us you’re ideas about what might be fun to compete for against Ai opponents…

  • One victory point per 500,000 people.
    Used to be per 250,000 people
  • One victory point for most city centers level 4.
    In case of a tie, all get a point.
  • One victory point for the highest quality of life.
    Counts only from 1 million inhabitants.
  • One victory point for the largest colony of at least 100 fields.
  • One victory point for the best productivity of at least 80%.
    Starts counting from round 500.
  • One victory point for the lowest soil pollution.
    Starts counting from round 1000.
  • One victory point for the owner of most stocks over 100%.
  • Victory points that were purchased from the merchant.



Seagrass is a new underwater plant that grows near the coast. It compensates greenhouse emissions without claiming landmass and provides a habitat for fish, increasing the catch of nearby fisheries.

Seagrass also helped us to balance the Rounos mission and make sure it’s a bit easier and less disastrous to deal with Joe’s expansion.


Streets & Buildings

The streets textures have been updated so finally form a grid that’s really connects the buildings to each other. Almost every construct has now modernized models and textures. Latest renovations are mine, mall, green house, and recycling factory.


Fossil Resources

We changed how fossil power plants are simulated. Their productivity now significantly drop when the fossil resources at their location are depleted and the depletion itself happens faster. How strong this factor is depends on the level of difficulty you choose. When the productivity of a buildings falls under 50% a warning is displayed above it.


Wildfire & Tornado Logic Reworked

The balancing of wildfires and tornadoes needed some rework. With global warming rising they became very omnipresent and made it nearly impossible to deal with the situation. Without global warming they didn’t occur at all.

Now we have a new logic: Both wildfires and twisters are now based on multiple factors. In general they will occur approximately every 1000 rounds. This regularity is influenced by the intensity you choose in free play and competition modes, the size of the planet and the state of global warming. Tornadoes mostly start in high temperature regions and near the coast. Wildfires are at risk in high temperature areas with environmental pollution.

Wind Lense Upgrade

The wind park got a new technology upgrade. The wind lens is increasing energy output by creating a low pressure zone behind the turbine blades.



  • Ai climate concerns – Ai builds and plants trees at a certain point of climate change.
  • Warning for buildings with under 50% productivity
  • Icon positions over buildings fixed
  • Mountains and other huge structures adjust themselves to the planet shape
  • Menu odds and ends
  • Fixed problems in planet screenshot light settings
  • Warehouse upgrades no longer need to be researched
  • Fixed mixed up audio channels
  • Fixed too small start locations on planet Magni