1.14 – Bird Watching

From now on you can watch birds in Imagine Earth. Soon, more species will surely be sighted. And then we also assign them a central role in the ecosystem or global simulation of our planet. I’m still not sure if they are the right size or if it’s a pity that you never get them really close in front of your lens. For example, it was quite a challenge to take this one snapshot for the update.

Editor improvements

In the editor, the land grab button was overlaid by the purge tool, so you couldn’t expand your colony in that mode.
Also, when creating new planets, you can now again predefine the difficulty level a player must master of your planets!
Would be very interested in how accessible you find the editor as such, would it be more exciting for you if you could play multiple planets in a galaxy map or would it be more interesting for you to be able to script complex missions with a story told by voice actors in dialogues?

New building textures

We have created new roof textures for coal-fired power plants, industrial farm and organic farm. All buildings should create a better visual balancing act between post-industrial look and futuristic appearance. At the same time, the new textures of the roofs should visually connect them, so that they also fit with the quarry and the forestry farm. They now look more like you would build these buildings if you landed on a new planet in a capsule and wanted to provide basic supplies for your colony. I personally feel the style is a successful mix of steampunk and post-industrial age, what do you think?

Icons for tree species

The nine tree species of the third vegetation type, which we have affectionately christened Thicket, now have individual icons that make them more recognizable when planted. Thicket tree species grow on wasteland and frost type planets, these worlds offer the most exotic plant life next to mushrooms and terrestrial forests, check them out to see how appropriate they seem to you.

More Features & Fixes

  • Pause and select button icons were still displayed in the build menu, but did not work.
  • Display category and building icons/buttons in build menu with equal spacing at the same height
  • Cars in cities do not jerk anymore
  • Optimized build process makes updates easier

As always, thank you very much if you had the interest to read this far!
Jens & Martin