Steam Key Activation Tutorial

The early access version of Imagine Earth is available at Steam and you need to activate a product key in their online copy protection system. First you need to install the steam client software. There’s a download button on the upper right of


After installing you will be asked to login or create a new account.


Logged in the running client you can go to > Games > Activate a product on Steam…


And a few clicks further you will be able to enter the product key of Imagine Earth Ltd. …


You will automatically see the game in Steams Game Library and you can instantly start playing…


If you don’t have a press version for testing you can purchase an early access version in the steam store to support the ongoing project financially. You will thereby own every latest update and the full version of course once it is released. Or just try our latest free demo version. In any case please consider giving us feedback or writing a review about your experiences on steam page of the game.