Idea: Battlemode and Co-op

battlemodeAs the planets you are about to colonize in our game grow larger (the last planet has 10x more fields than the first one) they become great playgrounds for competing colonists. They could as well rival as they could cooperate and trade and share their produced resources over the net as well as in splitscreen

There might be mission goal slots in which you compete for tokens and money and slots where you can collect goodies on your own terms. Might be a limited game theme in which one players are winning with the largest expansion bonus in tokens.

This kind of gameplay is promissing because it reflects the situation on Earth right now! So many nationalities and ethnic groups are trying to prevail upon their competitors. A situation where nobody can and will prevail the ecosystem as the only possible basis for everyones wellfare…

Please check out the other fine plans we have, in the ideas corner of the project website. We will add more in the following weeks until we start our crowdfunding campaign for Imagine Earth in February. We want to know which ones are most wanted and offer them as additional funding perks.

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