Thanks for Your Feedback!

Hi everyone,
starting November 6th until November 24th we had a small feedback round with 20 people and got some interesting points so far:

Some parts of the English translation are missing and some need improvement!
In fact this was the biggest issue. Luckily, Ed Curtis (one of the 20 testers) helped us out and reviewed the translations for both missions and the descriptions of buildings and upgrades. It is really great to see such helpfulness – thank you Ed!
For the future we will definitely put more effort into the translation.

It’s hard to orientate on the planet.
To make it easier we decided to add a clear marker to the North Pole of every planet. You can also click the marker or the middle mouse button to automatically orient the planet so that north is on top.
Additionally the keyboard arrow keys can be used to rotate the planet.

The concepts of ground pollution and decontamination need more explanation.
We decided to introduce the decontamination feature later. It will now be introduced on planet three in connection with an oil pollution incident (take care!). Additionally, we will add some more tips to explain ground pollution and its effects.

The coast fields are sometimes hard to distinguish from other field types.
These fields are especially relevant for Wind Parks and other coastal buildings. We decided to give them a more unique look to make it easier to find them.

I placed the wrong building by mistake and can’t undo it.
It will be possible to cancel buildings in the next version of Imagine Earth.

Add a free game mode.
Yes, absolutely!

It would be great to manage multiple planets.
Maybe one day. First we will put our effort into the missions and the gameplay itself. The planets following after the demo planets Tuto and Joma will be much bigger and provide a lot of space for huge colonies.

Add some optional challenges on each planet.
Yes, we are already discussing about optional “quests”, but this will have to stand out against some other ideas. It’s likely that we will give the players (You!) the option to vote for new features!

Finally, we have to say thank you again to Ed Curtis who was the first to introduce the world “colony” into Imagine Earth. This made clear to us that what we are creating here really is a planetary colonization game. We love this idea and will put it into the gameplay and story!

Joma Mission

A big “Thank You” to everyone who took part in this feedback round!
We really appreciate your help!
Jooki & Martin