New Demo and Steam Version Released

We have released a new demo that comes with many of the new features we have added to the early access version recently. The most important update is that Tuto has been completely reworked and now comes with more buildings, new goals and a much better story presentation. In addition we have unlocked the Free Play mode on Tuto so demo testers can play without time and growth limitations. The Demo is available for download on this website and on Steam. just like the Early Access Version.

Planet Rounos

Read all about the latest Mission on Rounos, the Natives, Alien Investors, Hostile Colonies, Ideon Crystals, Riots, Wild Fires and the 8 new Constructs the Planet has to offer here…

Production Chain


Influences between constructs aren’t new in Imagine Earth but the tactical importance is raised with the latest update. Buildings are forming production chains which are increasing the value of strategic placement. Here you see a forestry delivering to a factory that is filling the warehouse that itself does supply the mall … just as an example.