New Constructs, Models and Resource Statistics

Imagine Earth received a new interface look, resource statistics along with the new buildings and more. Welcome to our latest Imagine Earth update on Steam. Here are the details of everything it will bring to you.

  1. Difficulty levels easy, normal and hard. They adjust the consumption of your cities and the pollution of all buildings. This will make a huge difference in terms of how easy it is to populate you planets with huge colonies.2014-10-31_DifficultyEasy
  2. The new interface look is much cleaner and comes with some new icons and an improved Info panel in the bottom left.
  3. New character art!
  4. New resource statistics can be opened by clicking into the resource panel at the top.2014-10-31ResourceStats
  5. Cattle breeding and Biomass power plant are two new buildings. In addition Jens added new 3D Models for all buildings in the demo version  the others will follow of course!..
  6. Tuto got completely reworked and will now start with more buildings and real choices. In addition we slightly adjusted the goals and story in Joma. This means that savegames of both missions wont work anymore and will be hidden and you can replay both missions to get the stars for the new goals.
  7. The campaign screen now displays all unlocked planets within a galaxy and visualizes their different magnitude.
  8. Planet rotation is now locked so north stay always on top. A small change that makes a huge difference – it’s now a lot easier to keep the orientation on your planet!
  9. Using the build menu now immediately places the building. You can still choose a different placement field by keeping the button pressed.
  10. Balancing & Bugs – as always.