New Terrain Texturing and Trade System

We revolutionized the way our planets are getting textured and came to a quite simple solution based on the height of the terrain. This enables 5 times more details while saving a huge amount of texture space. It works for all existing planets¬† and will make it much easier to produce more of them – even procedural planets in an expanding universe seem to be possible now…

Diversifying Resource Production

In the real world it’s a good decision to diversify the production of a resource. For example it’s helpful to use different ways of energy production, because the whole system becomes more stable.

We will add this aspect to the game. The more different producers you have for a specific resource the more you will increase the mix-factor. This will give you a general bonus (e.g. 10% more energy for 4 producers)


it might look much like this and the feature will pave the way for another new gameplay element:

Trade System Coming!

In the last mission of the single player campaign we plan to introduce a trading system. You will be able to trade different resource types like energy from oil, solar energy or wooden goods with other colonies (and maybe also with natives). This way you can raise the mix-factor of your resource production even though you might only be growing mono cultures. This will unleash a great potential for free and strategic development of your colonies.

As always we encourage you to share your thoughts about the games’ state so far and what you would love it to become…

Bora Preview