The Mission on Planet Rounos

The Update version 0.7.0 of Imagine Earth to Steam takes you to a new world called Rounos. Here is all about it

  1. Planet 4 “Rounos” with the next mission of the campaign
    • AI controls
      First competing colony that must be challenged in growth.
    • Alien investors
      take over the company and aggravate internal competition.
  2. City names
    (as promised in the crowdfunding campaign) Cities get a random name from a list of funders. You can name them afterwards to your own likings.ImagineWow
  3. New buildings
    • Solar park
      makes good use of the useless desert fields. That are growing in times of climate crisis.
    • Financial district
      Controlling the money system and new financial products boost your income from the colonies but it lowers the lifequality and mood of your people and might at some point provoke riots in exploited districts.
    • Watchtower
      The watchtower claims a new piece of land to build like the buoy station does on water. It’s a construction of dominance you can take land of a competitor and increase the claim on your own land, so it is no longer easily invaded.
    • Mine
      The mine exploit a fossile resource field and generates goods from it. It is also able to supply three surrounding constructs with resources to raise their productivity.
    • Forestry
      The forestry generates goods from cropping forests. You should place it next to the woods to get production plus. In future the Factory will depend on Forestry, Mine and Recycling Park for raw materials to raise it’s production.
  4. New world elements

    • Crystals
      Ideon crystals are rare and costly you may find a few on planet Rounos and can sell them for enormous amounts of money or directly for development coins.
    • Boss ship
      From this planet on the boss will have his own ship, that enters the orbit. It will be his base from where is giving you additional orders and side quests.
    • Native camp
      The natives of Rounos will not be in the mood to share their land for free. You will have to negotiate and they will want to have your precious industrial goods in return.
  5. Enhanced research system
    You can now use your coins to level up the tools in the research menu. Each has 2 Levels that will increase individual effects or add new unique aspects to them.
  6. New tools
    • Disable buildings (to save resources)
    • Relocate buildings
  7.  New World Elements
    • Wildfires
      Are spreading with the winds deriction from district to forest and other buildings. Can be a result of incidents, explosion, dry lands and riots…
    • Riots
      if you beset natives too much or crop their woods. They start riots and burn down your nearby buildings.
    • Tree Stumps
      From now on cropped forests will end up in a field of stumps. If you do not stop harvesting them early enough. These will take a long time to regrow. Burned Forests will regrow faster because the ash works like fertilizer.
  8. Gui enhancements
    • Options within main menu
    • New savegame menu (number of savegames is no longer limited)
    • Colorful highlight of player regions in navigation mode
    • #RL: Founded a company (previously we have been a partnership)