Alien Investors are Coming for Rounos

Alien Investors?! Sounds like you wont be the only one who is going to build a colony on Rounos. Prepare to meet an old “friend” and someone new.


While Jens is currently finishing detail work on the Rounos mission I am sitting on my sofa, preparing things to be done tomorrow. Here is a short anecdote from the current development.

We decided to make Rounos a bit more competitive: There have been some changes in the corporate managment which gave Joe the chance to come back. The result is that you will have to prevail against him and show the new management that you are the best colony manager.

With these story decissions made we had to build some kind of AI or at least a very authentic script. Right now this is working quite good – aside from the fact that we still need to give Joe the ability to repair his buildings and extinguish fires. We realized this when a large part of his city accidently burned down today:


Oops.. with this said it’s quite obvious why I have to stop writing now and go get some sleep before Joe will learn some new abilities tomorrow morning.

Have a great day and a good night!

P.S: Only 6 days to go…