Next Update: September 30th

We are approaching Rounos!

To be honest: Summer hit us pretty hard! Now we are back at work and there are only few things to be done before we will update the Early Access version of Imagine Earth.

This is what we have been working on recently:

  1. Planet “Rounos” with mission 4 of the campaign
  2. City names (as promised in the crowdfunding)
  3. New buildings and world elements:
    – Cattle breeding
    – Solar Park
    – Mine
    – Watchtower
    – Financial District
    – Crystal
    – Native Camp
  4. Enhanced research system
  5. Wildfires
  6. Riots (will be explained in one of the next blog posts)

Future Update Plans

We realized that waiting 3 month for the next version is much too long. From now on we will publish a new update every month. The reason behind this is to shorten the feedback-update-cycle and to force us into being more focused.


If you are like us you are too lazy to come back to our site once in a while – or you simply forget to do so. This is why we decided to create a newsletter. All development updates, release announcements and probably some bonus stuff will be sent to you. We promise not to spam and there will be an email once a week at the most.

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