Mines and Forestry

Here are two new goods producing buildings: The Mines and the Forestry along with their individual aspects according to the Designers great plans for now ( the programmer is still on his honeymoon trip… ;D

  • Both units produce basic materials which the factory can refine into more complex products and therefore it gets a general plus in production if placed next to one of these facilities.
  • Both constructs introduce more production chain based interaction with other buildings. Tactical aspects like this will play a bigger role in Imagine Earth.

2014-08-26_ImagineEarth02 The Mine

  • works better on fossile fields.
  • is gathering materials (goods) from nearby rocks and is dismantling them at the same time.
  • It can mine for coal, uranium as well. Place coal or nuclear powerplants next to this construct on a fossile field and they will be as efficient as if thy would stand on fossile ground themselves.

2014-08-26_ImagineEarth01The Forestry

  • gets increased timber production by every adjacent forest.
  • Too many forestries harvesting the same woods will reduce their growth until they are used up.

  • Ecological Advancement: Tree nursery.

  • Eff: Industrial circular saw optimizes the crop.

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