Mai 2014 was the hottest

.. month ever recorded by the us-american NOAA. And there’s an up to 80 % chance that an El-Niño will occure.

“Our understanding of El Niño and La Niña has increased dramatically in recent years and this knowledge has enabled us to develop very successful climate services for society. Advance warning has given governments around the world time to make contingency plans for the impact of this year’s expected El Niño on the agriculture, water management, health and other climate-sensitive sectors. (…) We remain vulnerable to this force of nature but we can protect ourselves by being better prepared. (…) El Niño leads to extreme events and has a pronounced warming effect. It is too early to assess the precise impact on global temperatures in 2014, but we expect the long-term warming trend to continue as a result of rising greenhouse gas concentrations.”
WMO-Generalsekretär Michel Jarraud ( via german source )