FReport 9 – Spoiler Alert!

Don’t continue to read this report if you want to be completely surprised by what is happening in the final mission of Imagine Earth’s campaign.

This week we have been working on the merchant, the meteorite and the endboss – all important parts of the final Bora mission. As we already mentioned in last week’s report, we will postpone the Alpha 11 release to next week.

Merchant Trade

Last week I removed the rigid connection between stars and research funds (stars are what you receive during the campaign for achieving things; research funds are needed to research new tools and enhancements). After doing this I was now able to add research funds to the trade offer of the Merchant. The screenshot shows all things he will offer. The prices are subject to balancing.


Meteorite 2.0

Jens built a new model for the meteorite.


The Endboss

There he is! The Endboss of Imagine Earth is making it’s way into the game! A few days ago Jens created the the models and during the last two days I have been implementing the necessary logic to use them for the mission. Starting from an Uplink that supplies him with orders he spreads like an infection to the nearest city. On his way he is taking over all buildings and when he finally reaches the City Center you will loose you whole city.


What’s up next week?

Immediately after writing this post and publishing it, I will continue to work on the Bora mission script. There is still a lot to be implemented, tested and polished. And we might have to add a way to defend against meteorites 😉