Alpha 11 – Final Mission

Alpha 11 of Imagine Earth on Early Access finally brings the last Bora mission of the single player campaign and delivers as well Giant Robotic Exploitation Machines, Planet Bora, Trading Cards, Illuminati, The Space Merchant, Space Trade with Aliens, Disruptive Volcanoes, Graphic Options and much more.

It’s not as polished and finished as we would have liked but we wanted it out so you can get new impressions on how the game features develop. Let us know what you think.

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Space Merchant

The space merchant (see imagine above) is a new building that has it’s introduction in the Bora mission. He arrives from time to time to sell things like developments funds and meteorite strikes and to buy resources and Ideon crystals. This said it’s a good idea to build warehouses so you are prepared when he arrives.


Laser Defense

As you can see it melts away giant meteorites which can be quite helpful from time to time. You can build the laser defense by upgrading  your research district.



Geological investigations allow you to display volcanic activity. Every fossil-based or ground influencing building near a volcano (e.g. a geothermal power plant) will increase the seismic activity and through this the probability of an eruption. This also goes for exploding buildings and incidents. So you better be careful, because  you definitely don’t want a volcanic outburst near your city!


Illuminati Temples

After offering a sacrifice in the temple it will start to pool gaian energy. The more happy people live nearby, the more energy is collected. You can use it to: 1. Make soil fertile 2. Start a fire on any forest or building 3. Cause a destructive volcanic eruption.


Electronic Employee

The Electronic Employee is a robotic device specialized on the extraction of resources and human capital from your planets and bases. He grows assimilating cables to infiltrate and take over your headquarters. That’s spoiler enough. Play the Bora mission and find it out by yourself.


Graphic Settings and Performance

The graphic settings now comes with options for the shadow quality and the details of textures and particles. Depending on your system this should allow you to increase the frame rate about 20% .


Steam Trading Cards

Jens created 6 cards with small and big images. In addition 6 badges you can craft with 6 emoticons and 3 profile images.


And that’s it 🙂 Again: Please consider writing a short review to push it on steam! Thanks a lot!

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