FReport #17 – Tools

New Tool Icons

Jens designed a whole new set of icons that better fit the general style of the game. They are a bit less colorful and come with cleaner symbols as the following picture shows.


Tool-Mode with Colorizing

By clicking on an icon in the toolring and dragging it with the mouse or simply keeping the mouse button pressed you can switch to the tool-mode. In this mode you can easily click a bunch of buildings to apply the tool and don’t have to open the tool-ring again and again.
In addition the planet fields withing your radius or colorized based on the tool.


When you enter the upgrade- and level-modes the colors show which buildings are ready to be upgraded. In the example (picture above) all buildings that are ready for an efficiency upgrade are displayed light blue. The buildings that already have the upgrade are drawn with a grayish blue. Notice the upgrade-icon that is attached to the cursor – it symbolizes that you are in tool-mode.


In the repair-mode (left) every building that is damaged is colorized from yellow (medium damage) to red (high damage).
In the cleaning-mode (right) the planet fields are colorized accordingly helping you to see which fields are polluted.


Finally the harvesting-mode displays which forest have a lot of wood (green) and which ones are nearly cut down (red) and should better be not harvested until they have regrown.

Currently we are working on adding more achievements to the game and we are creating a concept to make the growing of your cities and population a bit more complex and interesting.

Have a great week, Jens & Martin