Development Menu and Production Bonus

It’s only two weeks after our last update, but we added some new features to Imagine Earth and decided to release them before Christmas.

So here is what’s new:

  1. Statistic on the air pollution of all your buildings
  2. Enhanced visualization of building influences. Outgoing influences are displayed, too now (e.g. the influence of a Forestry on a Factory). Furthermore we decided to leave decimal values away to make the information more clear.
  3. Sound volume: You can now control the volume of music and sounds in the game.
  4. Production bonus: In real life a diversified resource production is more stable than relying on a single resource (like mono-culture). To take this into account you receive a resource bonus when at least two building types each produce 10% or more of a resource.
  5. Development menu: This has already been mentioned and now made it’s way into the game. You can use it to develop new buildings and upgrades. It makes it more easy to compare the different building types and understand the relationships between them. In addition it is still possible to develop buildings and upgrades in the build and tool ring.

The video gives a short introduction on the development menuproduction bonus and the influences some buildings have on each other:

The next update is planned for end of January.

Your thoughts and feedback are welcome!

20/12/14: The demo has now also been updated,