Research 2.0, City Names and Updated Roadmap

We proudly present the new research menu with a lot more content and possibilities. There will be three new tools and every tool will have a level 2 and 3.

For example we have added the ability to extinguish wildfires. Researching level 2 of this tool will make sure that the fires don’t spread, while they are extinguished and level 3 will make the process much faster – increasing the chance that your buildings survive the fire.


In addition the research items will be unlocked tier by tier to make sure that players focus on the important tools first and are not overwhelmed by the available options.

City Names

As promised in the crowdfunding, it is now possible to give each city a name!


The screenshot (taken on Lorian in navigation mode) shows some of the names from the default list. You can open the toolring of a city anytime to give it a name of your own choice or to remove the name, if you want to.

Updated Roadmap

We have updated our roadmap. As indicated in last week’s post we will have to postpone milestone 2 (Rounos) until mid September. Most of the things we planned for it are done (new buildings, enhanced research, wildfires), but we are still working on the Rounos mission and some additional gameplay aspects that came up while designing the mission (e.g. riots).

Aside from this there is two big things that needed and still need a lot of our attention and time: We had to found a new company to be able to work with Steam (Serious Brothers UG) and I (Martin) am getting married in August :-).

Luckily we had some undefined time in our roadmap for things like this, meaning that we still plan to finish the beta version until the end of this year and release the final version in February 2015.

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