Take Part in MonoGame Testrun

Hi, as announced with the last alpha release, we are replacing the underlying game framework XNA with MonoGame. This makes it a lot easier for us to find bugs and enhance the performance of Imagine Earth (e.g. by using DirectX 11). In addition it enables us to port Imagine Earth to other platforms, though this is not something we plan to do at the moment.

Since technological changes often come with bugs, we need your help to test the new MonoGame version of Imagine Earth.

We have a beta version available for you to test. This will not affect your savegame or anything and you can switch back anytime if you are experiencing problems.

All you need to do is:

  1. open the Imagine Earth properties in Steam, go to the “BETAS” tab
  2. enter the access code “monogametest” and press the “check code” button
  3. finally select the “monogame” beta and accept. Now Steam will load the changed files
  4. Try the game and let us know if it works

2016-05-01 MonoGameBeta