Friday Report #4

imagine_earth_deutscher_computerspielpreis_nomation_2015First of all we proudly announce that Imagine Earth is nominated for the German Games Award (“Deutscher Computerspielpreis”) in the category Gamedesign. Quite an honor to stand right next to titles like “The Last Tinker – City of Colors” and “Lords of the Fallen”.

Please vote Imagine Earth for the “Publikumspreis”

2015-03-18 DcpVoting

The awards ceremony will take place April 21st in Berlin. Let us know if you are there. But here’s what happened last week:

Fossil Resources

While working on this Jens did a redesign of the Info Panel as you can see in the bottom left. The gray bar shows the amount of fossil resource left in the field. The energy produced by fossil power plants will go down over time. This will make buildings like coal power plants much more power full, but you will have to be careful to use them the right way. Fossil resources are limited…


Competitor Stats

The stats now shows population, life quality, advance, etc. of competitors. This will visible in missions like Rounos and Bora and in the planned competition mode.



Each warehouse you build stores up to 3000 goods. The ecologic and efficiency upgrades will add storage for 3000 food and 3000 energy. Storing resources will help you to decrease the amount of resources wasted due to overproduction. And you can use the stored resources to sell them, donate them or keep them for times of resource shortage.


Volcanoes now spit burning rocks onto the surrounding fields and set your buildings on fire. This is still work in progress.


What’s up next week?

As always we are working on gameplay elements for the Bora mission. The most important part will be to build the space merchant and to integrate volcanoes into the mission script.

In addition we will have a try adding a custom population goal as a win condition to the Free Play mode so you can compete against AI players.

Anything else?

Yes, we had a talk about our roadmap and here are the features we plan to add with the next two alpha releases…

Alpha 10 – end of March

  • Fossil Resources
  • Free Play on Bora
  • Competition mode with AI enemies and win conditions
  • Trade resources from the AI
  • Competitor Stats
  • Warehouse
  • Waterworks
  • Steam Achievements?
  • Space merchant?

Alpha 11 – end of April

  • Final Bora mission
  • Volcanoes
  • Laser canon against meteoroids
  • Steam Trading Cards
  • Planet Tehra
  • Geothermal Power Plant
  • Complete Research