FReport #26 – Light and Shadow

Colorized Building Lights

The night lights of building now are colorized in each player’s color. Together with the border line every colony can now easily be associated with it’s owner. The cover picture shows an example of the result.

Smooth Shadows

The shadows really needed a filtering to become more smooth. Dealing with graphic stuff like this always takes a lot of time to make the result really nice. We hope you like it!


New Sandbox Feature

The sandbox editor  now comes with add and remove buttons for every ground, deco and building type. As shown in the screenshot below you can select the wanted ground type and use the plus button to assign it to another random field. This makes it very easy to distribute fossils, gold, forests and other stuff.


Bugfix Release Alpha 16.1

  • Fixed a serious bug that lead to a game crash in the highscore list
  • Fixed a bug that didn’t correctly initialize a missing steam client on startup
  • Added achievements “Magni” and “Scientist”