FReport #27 – Forests

One of the things we are currently working on is giving the different types of forest individual simulation values and additional pros and cons. This is what we have come up with and will be part of the next release.

You have a great idea on what else could make each type of forest individual? Let us know!

In general forest are the best way to deal with climate and environment pollution (aside from not polluting at all). In addition you can cut them down to make some money and buildings like the forestry obviously need forests around them. The amount of money you receive is calculated by the size of the forest and the type of wood. In this respect, deciduous and coniferous forests are best. Bamboo is great too, because it grows fast.


The other important difference is the maximum growth of each forest that depends on where you plant them. Aside from cacti, all forest will become more dense when surrounded by other forests. The other individual differences are explained in the following:

2015-10-30 ForestDeciduousDeciduous forest is the one on Tuto. It grows rather slowly and best on normal and fertile soil. It becomes more dense when surrounded by other forests. Deciduous forest reduces air pollution significantly and improves soil quality.
[climate +15, environment +8]

2015-10-30 ForestFirConiferous forest is introduced on Joma. Grows best on high ground and becomes much more dense when surrounded by other forests. Coniferous forest reduces air pollution and improves soil quality considerably.
[climate +10, environment +15]

2015-10-30 ForestMushroomMushroom forest (yes, really) is introduced on Lorian. It grows best on normal and on fertile ground. It special “ability” is that nuclear contaminated areas recover much faster with mushroom forest on them.
[climate +12, environment +12]

2015-10-30 ForestBambooBamboo is introduced on Rounds and is growing very fast. Like most types of forest it becomes more dense when surrounded by other forests.
[climate +8, environment +8]

2015-10-30 ForestCactusCacti are introduced on Magni. They grow best in deserts and improve soil quality.
[climate +3, environment +6]

2015-10-30 ForestPalmPalms finally are introduced on Bora. Together with cacti they are the only plants that grow in deserts, but aside from this they are like “normal” forest with a low density.
[climate +8, environment +4]