FReport #23

The image above shows a Harvester. They are built and sent by a race called Locust. They harvest planetary resources like forest, gold and also cities. More on this next week.

No Upgrade Development

The new research system is much more focused on single tools and upgrades. Because of this it feels like doing the same thing twice over to still have to develop them. So we decided to have a try with a small change: The number of development licenses you receive during the missions will be reduced and you will only have to license buildings with them. If an upgrade of a licensed building is researched you can immediately use it.

In addition the development user interface received a little makeover:


Borders Reworked

Currently the borders are standing upright like laser walls. Because of this it’s sometimes hard to see them looking top-down. We reworked them and put them onto the planet. Now they are much easier to see and better looking: