Day & Night, Research, Lorian, Perk Fulfillment

During the last week there was a lot of stuff to do. The crowdfunding is over and we had a lot of organizational stuff to do. Nevertheless, we were able to continue development and here are some of the things we did:

  • Day & Night: Enhanced light and shadow on the planet. When looking onto the day side of the planet the night side seems almost black. When turning the planet the night side becomes lighter to ensure that everything is well recognizable.
  • Created the first version of the new research menu in the game. Tools like “harvest forest” or “destruct buildings” will no longer be automatically made available. Instead you will be able to unlock the tools you want to have with the stars you receive from achieving big mission goals.

    New reasearch menu. WORK IN PROGRESS!
    New reasearch menu. WORK IN PROGRESS!
  • Did a LOT of work on the new mission and small gameplay fixes that became obvious when playing on such a big planet like Lorian is.

Perk Fulfillment

We have started to distribute the wallpaper and font packs for our crowdfunders and today the steam keys for the early access version have been shipped!

Important: You won’t be able to activate Imagine Earth with this key right now. The Early Access version will be made available May 20th!

Here is a short FAQ that explains how to use the steam key.

Some Perks Left

There are still some city names, slots for the Time Trial Top 3 and almost all slots of the Mission and Time Trial Top 10 left. Additionally we had some requests by people who missed the crowdfunding. This is why we decided to continue to sell these things on our own site. There is one thing, though, that we are not going to sell anymore: Having your name in the credits will stay a crowdfunding exclusive thank-you.

We are currently preparing everything and will let you know when the “store” is available.

Have a great week and join the discussion in our forums.