Changes in the Early Access Version

It’s crunch time! Only a few days until the release of our early access version on Steam. We are working hard to deliver as much new content as possible.

So I will have to keep this development update short and would like to focus on two of the many changes that will come with the early access version.

1. The End of Click to Pick

A LOT of people told us that they didn’t like to pick up money and coins from the planet by clicking on them. Some even hated it (maybe it remindeds too much of Farmville). We had some discussion around this, but finally decided to change it. Now there is only a few special events in the missions that keep this feature. All money dropped by harvesting woods or people with good mood is automatically collected and to be honest: It really feels good!

2. Enhanced Graphics

We decided to remove the black outlines around the buildings to have less of a comic look. Without these outlines it become pretty obvious that buildings really need to throw shadows on each other so we added this. In addition we have a new atmopshere shader that looks really nice. But take a look for yourself:

2014-05-15 OldVsNew

And as always: Have a great week and join the discussion in our forums.