Planet Lorian is worth a visit!

Dear Supporters,

the last 3 days of our crowdfunding campaign have begun. It was an interesting time so far and we learned a lot how to make public relations and propose a good idea better. As we decided to run the whole thing all by ourselfs we also learned which things work and which do not work to create attention.

Good to have you on board now. As we still hope some more might enter the club, we are excited to develop things further with an exclusive crowd of people that do care about the emergence of thisc concept and the latest changes. As you might have red we plan to have weekly newsletters about what’s going on. And we have made a lot changes over the time of funding already. I was happy when we finally got back to work after the first third of the campaign to finish the next planet and it’s mission in time…

To visualize what a big bang the next episode and the – 4 times bigger than the last – planet will be I just made an appropriately large graphic. Please have a look, share it on your accounts or websites as you wish and why not make some noice again for the last 70 hours of our campaign?!

lorian poster

Any Opinions about this so far? Feel free to leave us some coment…