Alpha 26 “Fine-tuning”

After a great holiday season we are back with a bunch of enhancements and a lot of fine-tuning:

  • victory points panel for competition mode
  • special offer: ideon scanner
  • new item: super fertiliser
  • population statistics panel
  • Rounos & Magni missions improved
  • optimized storage system
  • “Sell all” trading feature
  • New graphic models – especially for rocks and mountains
  • ….

Let’s get into the details.

Victory Points Panel


From now on you’ll find all factions in a competition game in the victory points panel to the lower right. Ranked and easily comparable! Click on any player to jump to it’s next city.

Special Offer: Ideon Scanner


We are starting to equip the space traders store with more interesting tactical items. After being bought they go into your inventory and can be used any time you need.

The Ideon scanner for example reveals the size of an Ideon deposit far away from your base. This is interesting as well in the context that rare resources will now be visible from the distance but it remains unclear how much of a special substance or mineral is actually in the pile of rocks and it will only be revealed by the scanner or by getting that deposit in your building range.


Special Item: Super Fertiliser

Fertilizer can be bought in the shop for 2.500 and raise the fertility by 25% on all fields but deserts. This of course is beneficial for farms and forests.

Population Statistic Panel


It took a long time but now they are ready: Statistics about the life quality of your colony’s inhabitants and the overall housing space.

Rounos & Magni Improved

Both missions are now much better balanced in terms of money available, global climate and difficulty level of the goals. In addition we have replaced some lame goals with more interesting ones and we have done a ton of fine-tuning!


Optimized Storage System

The storing of resources needed a make up. The system is now automatically configured to complete packages of certain resources and specially the ones which where prioritized by you.  It even pauses the mining of rare resources to ensure there is enough place for prioritized ones. This way you will very likely end up with ready-to-sell resource packages when the traders is passing by.

Trade Faster: Sell All


Pretty clear what this function does, isn’t it? If you’re tired of selling your stuff one by one, you can stuff the trader with all you get by the click of one button or ring key shortcut.

New Graphics Models


…and so we added some big mountain models that meet the theme of planet Joma. The big deal about this is that we now got some sets of dependencies like woods fitting to rocks fitting to mountains fitting to big mountains. Themes that would work to create unique styled islands on greater generated planets an the type of rocks or mountains might even indicate which one of the fossils resources you find under them as we develop this further.

  • You might as well enjoy the redesigned theme of Magni
  • And the new cursor graphics for tools and items

Other stuff

  • Sandbox: Terrain tools show values of each field (e.g. temperature, height, etc.)
  • Sandbox: Temperature tool modifies whole region instead of single fields
  • Balancing of emission values for goods producing buildings
  • Free play Rules : Receive city centers for growing population
  • Planet rotation in main menu
  • Animation for quest icons
  • Speaker icons over other player’s cities
  • Loads of UI fixes
  • Loose game when all cities are taken or destroyed
  • Firework goes on during end of mission slides