Alpha 27 “Tech Trader & Translation”

We are approaching the cold time of the year – at least here in Germany. This means we have even more time to build great stuff and here is the content of our latest release:

  • Imagine Earth is ready for community translation
  • New construct – Glassworks
  • Tech trader
  • 3 new items: City expansion kit, Land reclamation, Explosive device
  • Sign treaty with natives
  • Climate countdown
  • Time based auto-save
  • Spaceport upgrade: Rocket terminal

Community translation

Imagine Earth is ready to be translated into other languages. The game now comes with a directory that contains the internationalization data. You can access it to translate Imagine Earth into your own language. Read all the details about this in the translation section of the forums.

New construct – Glassworks

The glassworks produces windows, lenses and glass containers. For this purpose particularly fine sand is used. So desert fields increase the productivity of the factory.


The glassworks is introduced in the Rounos mission.

Tech trader

A tech dealer sells special items to you. In addition, he also re-purchases unused ones and is buying rare resources.


The tech trader is introduced in the Joma mission – so this is worth being played again.

New Items

Alpha 27 comes with three new items that are sold by the Tech Trader. All items are introduced in the Joma mission.


City expansion kit

This technology enables you to expand a city district that has not reached the necessary infrastructure level in surrounding districts.
Not applicable to city centers.

Land reclamation

Let an ocean or coastal field will become land.
The field has to be adjacent to another land field.

Explosive device

Enables the blasting of buildings, forests and rocks in your area and on all fields directly adjacent to it. In buildings, the ruin can be removed with a second blast.

Sign treaty with natives


The interaction with native camps has been adjusted a bit:
You can now sign a treaty with the tribe. As the “diplomacy” tool did before, this allows you to trade with them and to use the surrounding land of all the camps of the tribe. In exchange, you provide all the camps with a small amount of goods.

Climate countdown


Once the climate balance goes into negative you can hover the climate information area to see how much time remains to rescue the planet. This is calculated based on the current level of global warming and emissions.

Time based auto-save


The game now automatically saves your state of the game every 15 minutes. In the game options you can also disable this or set it to 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Spaceport upgrade: Rocket terminal


In order to be able to build rockets to send resources into space you now have to research and build the spaceport upgrade “rocket terminal”.

Additional changes

  • The merchant is now part of the Tuto mission
  • Destroy Xrtahul harvester ships with meteorites
  • Ideon deposits contain either a lot of ideon or a very small amount
  • Adjusted mission briefing layout
  • Fixed orientation of huge mountains and volcanoes

That’s it! And again: Please remember that you can take part in the community translation of Imagine Earth in the translation section of the forums.