Alpha 20 “Victory is Yours”

Hi! Our focus for Alpha 20 was to improve the Free Play and Competition game modes. Here is everything in detail:

New Free Play & Competition Menu

This had to be done once and for all. Here’s the brand new game setup screen that brings all the features for “Free play” and “Competition” together in a consistent and intuitive interface. This setup has everything there is in the game so far and it lets you customize it in your own way. Ready for new content and features…

New Game 4

New Game 2

New Game 3

Victory Point System

So, here’s the first version of a victory point system that shell make competitive game play much more interesting. Why don’t you give it a try and tell us you’re ideas about what might be fun to compete for against Ai opponents…

  • One victory point per 500,000 people.
    Used to be per 250,000 people
  • One victory point for most city centers level 4.
    In case of a tie, all get a point.
  • One victory point for the highest quality of life.
    Counts only from 1 million inhabitants.
  • One victory point for the largest colony of at least 100 fields.
  • One victory point for the best productivity of at least 80%.
    Starts counting from round 500.
  • One victory point for the lowest soil pollution.
    Starts counting from round 1000.
  • One victory point for the owner of most stocks over 100%.
  • Victory points that were purchased from the merchant.



Seagrass is a new underwater plant that grows near the coast. It compensates greenhouse emissions without claiming landmass and provides a habitat for fish, increasing the catch of nearby fisheries.

Seagrass also helped us to balance the Rounos mission and make sure it’s a bit easier and less disastrous to deal with Joe’s expansion.


Streets & Buildings

The streets textures have been updated so finally form a grid that’s really connects the buildings to each other. Almost every construct has now modernized models and textures. Latest renovations are mine, mall, green house, and recycling factory.


Fossil Resources

We changed how fossil power plants are simulated. Their productivity now significantly drop when the fossil resources at their location are depleted and the depletion itself happens faster. How strong this factor is depends on the level of difficulty you choose. When the productivity of a buildings falls under 50% a warning is displayed above it.


Wildfire & Tornado Logic Reworked

The balancing of wildfires and tornadoes needed some rework. With global warming rising they became very omnipresent and made it nearly impossible to deal with the situation. Without global warming they didn’t occur at all.

Now we have a new logic: Both wildfires and twisters are now based on multiple factors. In general they will occur approximately every 1000 rounds. This regularity is influenced by the intensity you choose in free play and competition modes, the size of the planet and the state of global warming. Tornadoes mostly start in high temperature regions and near the coast. Wildfires are at risk in high temperature areas with environmental pollution.

Wind Lense Upgrade

The wind park got a new technology upgrade. The wind lens is increasing energy output by creating a low pressure zone behind the turbine blades.



  • Ai climate concerns – Ai builds and plants trees at a certain point of climate change.
  • Warning for buildings with under 50% productivity
  • Icon positions over buildings fixed
  • Mountains and other huge structures adjust themselves to the planet shape
  • Menu odds and ends
  • Fixed problems in planet screenshot light settings
  • Warehouse upgrades no longer need to be researched
  • Fixed mixed up audio channels
  • Fixed too small start locations on planet Magni