Alpha 18.1 – Statistics and New Demo

Here comes a small update to the last alpha release with the following changes:

  • Enhanced resource statistics with more details on produced resources: Production costs, market price, supply and more
  • The radius of lasers is displayed when you hover the building
  • Buying colony shares of AI players will give you a share on their profits, too
  • A lot of small bugfixes – especially for the trade ring

In addition we have updated the demo to reflect all changes of the last alpha releases – especially the new colony shares feature and the new Tuto planet.

Play demo

Resource Statistics

2016-01-08 DetailStats

Ok, this is a part of the interface we have been changing again and again. The new version adds market price, production costs and supply for all your resources.

  • The market price is currently only influenced by buying and selling stuff – this will be changed in a future version to better reflect the different production costs.
  • Production costs are calculated based on the money  your buildings need during production. For food and goods building the consumed energy is also taken into account.
  • Supply is a simple measure of how much of your cities consumption is covered by your production

In addition there is now a bar for every resource that reflects the available storage capacity and stock. If your storage space is bigger than 1000 – which is the default package size for trading – the bar will be separated into chunks.

Note: A city center comes with storage for 500 energy, food and goods each.

Laser Radius

2016-01-07 LaserRadius

A small enhancement that was really necessary – especially for the Lorian mission. When you have a research district with a laser upgrade you will see a radius that shows which fields are covered by the laser. This should make it easier for you to make sure all your buildings are covered.

Colony Shares Profit

2016-01-08 ColonyShares

Alpha 18 introduced the ability to buy shares of other colonies. These shares will now give you a part of the AI players profits.

Thanks for following us and have fun with the new version!