1.11 – The Satellite Hub

Greetings space colony managers. The next technological update is ready to optimize your world building workflow. As promised, we are now releasing the new Hi-Tech buildings to shorten your wait for the DLC. As always, we look forward to your feedback and hope you enjoy the latest features and changes! Cheers, Martin & Jens

Relay Station for Orbital Satellites

The satellite is a mobile space unit in a lower orbit, which has the following functions integrated.

Ion Cannon

It can be used to defend against invaders or to blast mountains to expose raw materials.


Allows to copy and use the researched building upgrades of other factions. This is achieved by scanning an upgraded building.


Scans an area for rare resources that may be contained in rocks.

Watch your brand new satellite launch into space straight from its hub.

Charity Sale Event

We will donate the 10% of the income from the running sale from April 4th to April 11th to WDC to save whales and dolphins. This might remind you of our Nature Update 1.8, in that we brought whales and other sea creatures to our planets as the first animal life forms.

Drones follow the construction queue

Previously, the construction drones liked to take care of the construction site closest to them, and in the process it could also happen that they overlooked some construction orders and left them unfinished.

Gaia Powers are renamed as Functions

We have also renamed the Inventory to Items and the Multi tools are now simply called Tools. This makes a lot of things easier and more understandable.

UI hiding for Trade Panel

To leave you more visual space to think about the trades you are making we hide the surrounding user interface while you’re in this panel.

Hi-Tech Constructs in Buildmenu

In this new category you will find more buildings in the future as well as the gaian constructs which we also wanted to rebrand as high tech buildings with strategic functions. We also adjusted the building descriptions to make them sound less mythical.

Examination of ruins

Now you can also unlock ruins by exploring them. This will allow you to build these special technological buildings as soon as you have enough artifacts.


  • Build menu with gamepad
  • Updates to Korean translation since the release version retranslated
  • Icons for all languages fixed
  • Speaker less chopped off in menus
  • Maximum influences from fields not in construct description
  • Point at research in technology panel
  • Only Gaia temple should still give quality of life
  • Xrathul temple have a negative impact on life quality
  • water-building and coast-building kept their production when water is removed from them via terraforming
  • Rare error in Joma and Rounos: DefineField/DefineArea ‘LeenHome’/’PlaceA’ was not yet executed

Open Space – DLC

Check the full update history at the roadmap page on steam > click image.