Idea: A Research Menu for the Game


What is really missing in the game dynamics of Imagine Earth is some kind of a research menue that offers the player the ability to improve his tools over the long time of playing. An option to level up and make progress. We want to implement some kind of “upgrade menu” as the last major game feature …

The star keys gathered by succeeding in mission goals (5 per mission) can be used to unlock and upgrade your tools. Here are some examples of unlockable features:

  • Upgrading the build tool will enable you to install achieved eco and efficiency tech upgrades right with the building itself.
  • Chainsaw tool to crop woods immediately and auto collect the cash.
  • With “Blasting” you can get rid of those nasty rocks and pollutive ruins very fast but with higher costs. For gold mining this means a lower but instant money injection…
  • Upgrading the repair tool will add an automatic repair mode for important and sensitive buildings

These are only some examples and possibilities. It would add so much more strategic aspects to the players individual expansion strategy. Tell us how you like the feature and if you have ideas about it yourself!

An older scribble of the research menu!