The Four Resources

The last Dev-Update already mentioned that we replaced the old resource icons with new ones. So we thought it would make sense to give a little explanation of each resource:

“… makes the world go round.” – as we all are said. In Imagine Earth it is needed to build your cities and to upgrade your buildings. Furthermore, you have to pay the running costs of your producing buildings. Without it you wont be able to grow and to reach your job goals as a World Manager. It is represented by a C – for currency – with a line through it.

Represented by a vegetable. Food is the fundamental resource needed by your people. Without it nobody will move onto you planet and your existing population will run away or die. So make sure you build enough farms and fisherys.

All your producing buildings and also your cities need energy. Without it they will stop working. There are several different types of power plants to produce it. Some of them generate a lot of energy, others are very sustainable. We will explain each of them in future Dev-Updates.

The fourth and last resource is represented by a red delivery box. Goods are only needed by your people. They affect the mood in your cities. Too few and your people will leave the city. Build industrial parks, warehouses and other buildings to produce goods.

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