The new Build Ring

As you can see you will simply have a ring around the field where you clicked to build something and it will show the available building choices. Everything in place!


And yes, we had to redesign the icons of the resources. Because a knuckle of pork can’t seriously be representing food in general, not in a serious game ;D! So we took this abstract version of a vegetable as the major icon for greenhouses, farms, cattle breeding, fishing or fountains. The diamond as the icon of goods was as well misunderstood as luxury goods while it ment commodity and consumer goods of the every day life. At last we decided to put them into these red delivery boxes where anything like that can be packed in.

shopping mall

To expose the function of at least some of the buildings in that ring: These facilities will fit into the building-logic of your cities. the financial district will of course squeeze more money out of surrounding parts and the campus district will advance them while shopping malls and park districts will simply raise the life quality in residential districts.


An early scribble for the next build ring with the first comming up of icons representing the buildings.
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