FReport 13 – Steam Summer Sale & Plans for Alpha 13

Steam Summer Sale

… just has started and Imagine Earth is available for 10% off. Together with the price change from $25 to $20 this is now the cheapest price Imagine Earth ever had.

What is planned for Alpha 13?

Competition mode
We discussed a lot about this and will now add a victory point system to the competition mode. This means you will need a certain amount of victory points to win the competition. You receive these points by reaching population goals and by being better than you competitors in things like life quality, emissions, etc. If you have a lot of money you can even buy victory points from the merchant. Altogether this will give you a number of different ways to win against the competitors. We are really looking forward to play this!

Advanced custom game menu
The first draft of the custom game menu that was added in alpha 12 will partly be reworked and advanced to make the selection of a planet and game mode more clear and easy.

We are currently not 100% satisfied with the research system and are going to reiterate on it’s gameplay design. This might include adding some small new gameplay elements that can be researched.

To add some more diversity to the resources we plan to store each resource of a category (e.g. energy) individually (e.g. wind energy, coal energy). You can buy and sell packages of these resources and the price will vary based on the demand. The people in district levels 2 and 3 will require different resources of a category to be happy. In addition the storage will be moved from the goods to the people section in the build ring to clarify it does not produce goods.

It probably happened to you, too: You just built up a beautiful colony and two wrong decisions later you have to restart, because you forgot to save the game when everything was still perfect. To help you with this we will auto-save the game. This will be the cause in crucial moments during the campaign and after you receive new city districts and research.

As always this is only our guess at this point of time. The competition mode will clearly be the outstanding new feature of alpha 13, because we want to add some more long term playability to Imagine Earth.