Funding will be Doubled

This is update #2 for our crowdfunding on IndieGoGo:

Over 20% funded! Thanks to all of our early backers!

Maybe you already asked yourself how we intend to finish Imagine Earth with only 10.000$ ? Good question. Here comes the answer:

In addition to the crowdfunding we will receive a funding, paying up to 50% of the development cost. This means that every dollar we receive from you will be doubled in the end!

The funding is given us by Nordmedia, the Cultural Media Fund of Lower-Saxony and Bremen. They fund promising and cultural valuable media projects without influencing the development and creative process (like many publishers do).

Join the Campaign

We still need help the raise the necessary equity capital. So please join our crowdfunding and back the project generously. Imagine Earth will definitely be done, but with some additional money it will be a lot easier for us to finish it in time and with all the stuff we want to put into it.

So: Tell your friends, family and colleagues. Let your favorite online magazine or youtuber know about us. Share on Facebook and Twitter, … Make some noise J

We will make sure that you receive a real value for your money and engagement!