Frequently Asked Questions


When will you release the game?

The game is released on Steam, GOG, Epic since May 2021. It released on Xbox Series X/S & One in July 2021. Playstation 4/5 release is planned for early 2023. We’re considering a port to Switch at the moment…

The Role of Climate and Environment in the Game?

I wrote an article about the role of climate change and environmental destruction in Imagine Earth. As an introduction for people who are engaged in these contexts and see a fancy sci-fi game at first sight when i try to explain our game.


How to activate Imagine Earth on Steam

This is how to activate the Imagine Earth Early Access version on Steam:


Go to and and click on install steam.


In the installed Steam client you click on “Games” and then “Activate a Product on Steam” enter the given Steam Code to unlock the game.

If you do not have a key right now you can buy the game here.


How to use Steam Workshop

Here is how to use Steam Workshop in Imagine Earth. We created a tutorial page with all things you should now about our Steam Workshop Integration.

Steam Workshop Tutorial

Where can I find my profile, settings and savegame data?

Open the Windows Explorer, copy this path and press enter to open the directory where Imagine Earth saves all your data.


Be default Steam Cloud Sync will upload your Imagine Earth game data to steam.

Who is making this game?

We are! Have a look at the small company we founded and who is helping us – Here!

What says the press about this game?

Check the List with Press Coverage and some Interviews – Here!


I want to report a bug

Something is not working right and you would like to let us know?

Perfect. Just send an email to

  1. Describe the bug
  2. Add a savegame to help us reproduce the problem.
    You can find the .ieg-file with your savegame here:
  3. Please also include the player.log and any error information you can find in %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\SeriousBrothers\ImagineEarth

Thanks in advance for helping us with this.

There were problems writing to the file system

“Access to the path is denied”

E.g. with the path “C:\Users\<User>\AppData\Local\ImagineEarth”.

This can happen when you played Imagine Earth before January 2020. We have change the location of the savegames. The game is trying to move your old savegames to the new location and may run into problems with access rights.

In this case please manually move your old savegames & profiles:
from %userprofile%\Documents\ImagineEarth
to %userprofile%\AppData\Local\ImagineEarth

In general

This error occurs when the game is trying to do a file operation (e.g. saving a game state) and the current system user doesn’t have access.

This is most likely related to the anti virus software on your system.

Try to set it into gaming mode or add imagine earth to the white list.

If this doesn’t work it often helps to completely uninstall the anti virus software and then reinstall it.

If it still doesn’t work please get in contact with us or have a look for other programs that might access the game’s savegames.

No game available / Steam could not be initialized

1.  Just restart your PC and try to start the game again.

If that doesn’t work:
2. Please verify the integrity of the game cache with Steam:

If that also doesn’t work:
3. Make sure your firewall/antivirus software is put into gaming mode or has an exception for the game so it doesn’t block the game’s connection to the steam client.


Info for Youtubers & Streamers

You are cordially invited to receive a Review Key, please tell us the channels through which you broadcast or stream and use the following link:

Coverage & Review keys

How to request a Review Key

Hello, Youtubers, Streamers and Press and Co..
You’re so kindly invited to get a free review key:

Key request form:

This way makes it easy for us:
Google Key Request Form


This way makes it easy for you:

Get in touch::

We’re happy to answer any questions you might have!
Just mail us!
and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


Where can i find media of this game?

You can find images, videos, logos and more in the presskit – Here!



Didn’t find your question? Mail to

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