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Imagine Earth is a real-time world simulation and a build up strategy game. Your job as a colony manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Build up thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale. The plan is to trade your harvested resources and produced goods into space. But you will also have to deal with threats like meteorite strikes, twisters, wild fires and fend off space raiders and alien invaders. Learn to coexist and trade with natives, alien investors and hostile colonies. Dig for ideon crystals, pacify riots and establish the perfect balance of production and consumption in order to optimize your growth rates. Other colonists will come and soon a competition for economic dominion over the planet is breaking out. You can get building loans any time by selling shares of your colony and buy up the shares of other companies. Take over your opponents before your new home world is driven into overgrowth and ecocide.

The Story

In 2048 huge corporations divided Earth among themselves and exploited its natural resources to a large extent. The discovery of ideon crystals now allows journeys into space, while technologically and ideologically almost everything remains the same. A fircely competitive and economic expansion struggle for the last inhabitable planets of space and their resources is in full swing. The laws of the market are extending to the last corner of the known universe. In fact, on a new and unoccupied planet, the easiest thing is to exploit the freely available fossil resources in order to grow as fast as possible on an industrial and global scale. But if expensive investments in sustainability are hold off, the planetary ecosystem as the economic basis is extremely endangered by climate change. Will the old mistakes be repeated in the new worlds over and over?

The Challenge

Raise great cities from the ground and satisfy their growing appetite for resources by building power plants, farms and factories. You will soon encounter the conflict between the profit goals of interstellar corporations and the need to preserve the living conditions for your people. As your colony is growing, its impact on the planet increases as well in problematic terms like exhaust emissions and ground pollution. The challenge is to deal with whole planetary ecosystems and their natural limitations in fossil resources and environmental resilience. Do research for renewable energy sources and develop sustainable production lines to avoid climate collapse. Otherwise polar caps will melt and a rising sea level swallows your cities. Let’s hope you can prevent tremendous desolation and lead your colony into wealth and prosperity.

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  • Global and realtime world experience instead of playing on limited square maps.
  • Fully playable and story based campaign with 7 planets / missions.
  • Freeplay mode with a procedural planet generator for endless worlds and challenges.
  • Competition mode for matches against up to 4 AI corporations per planet.
  • Planet Editor for terraforming, building and customizing individual planets which can be saved and shared.
  • Development of over 30 colony buildings with individual upgrades
  • Global simulation of local pollution and worldwide emissions
  • Disasters: Chemical spills, oil slicks, radioactive contamination, wild fires, tornadoes, volcanoes, dying forest and growing deserts, alien and robotic invaders, etc.
  • Melting polar caps will raise sea levels and flood your coasts in case of global warming

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Climate Change

Climate change is apparently a widely underestimated threat, as well in computer games. The idea behind Imagine Earth is to put the most serious problem of latest human history into a thrilling and motivating game flow. In that context the game is an experimental world simulation that might turn into a climate survival thriller. It directs this quest for balance to the player. What would you do if you where in charge of a global civilization? Imagine Earth wants to offer the biggest possible amount of freedom of choice to players so they can find their own answers and development strategies.

“Your decisions will most likely lead into states where you have to rethink your whole way of playing!” – Jens Isensee, Lead Designer

“Exploring the balance between growth and sustainability is the key to success in this game.” – Martin Wahnschaffe, Lead Programmer

„Oh, and don’t let the cutesy graphics and streamlined interface fool you; Imagine Earth can be a most demanding beast.“ – Gnome, Indiegames.com

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