The Gameplay

How does the gameplay of Imagine Earth work? Put simply, you start to populate your virgin planet and have to deal with the needs of your people. For that reason it soon gets tricky: Which buildings, capacity expansions, efficiency advancement or environmental research will be the best choice for your growing civilization is always the burning question …

Price4 basic Resources

What the mood in your city means and influences….

smileys1smileys4 smileys6Quality of Life

What the mood in your city means and influences….

CoastGround Field Types

What they mean and how the influence productivity of your buildings….


4 basic Resources

“… makes the world go round.” – as we all are said. In Imagine Earth it is needed to build your cities and to upgrade your buildings. Furthermore, you have to pay the running costs of your producing buildings. Without it you wont be able to grow and to reach your job goals as a World Manager. It is represented by a C – for currency – with a line through it.

Represented by a vegetable. Food is the fundamental resource needed by your people. Without it nobody will move onto you planet and your existing population will run away or die. So make sure you build enough farms and fisherys.

All your producing buildings and also your cities need energy. Without it they will stop working. There are several different types of power plants to produce it. Some of them generate a lot of energy, others are very sustainable. We will explain each of them in future Dev-Updates.

The fourth and last resource is represented by a red delivery box. Goods are only needed by your people. They affect the mood in your cities. Too few and your people will leave the city. Build industrial parks, warehouses and other buildings to produce goods.


Quality of Life

Today we wanna talk about life quality. Those who played the old demo version on steam already know that smilies over the citiy districts show the mood of your people. Back then, this life quality which is divided into 7 major states was responsible for the growth of population and depended on the availability of resources. Today as tax money is collected automatically we decided to add more relations to that.


Still every mood better then neutral makes the population grow. But additionally the circle around the smiley is closing faster as life quality improves and bonusbags of coins will popup over the district in addition to the normal income!

LifeQuality There are three basic criterias:

  • Food is vital for your people to survive.
  • If you have sufficient energy, life quality will be neutral.
  • If you also have sufficient goods, life quality will become positive.

Additionally your people’s mood will be pushed up by wonderful things like Forests, Organic Farms and also by nearby Park Districts and Shopping Centers. It is lowered by the specific influences of polluting powerplants and industries in the neighbourhood and is reduced by one level in case of critical ground pollution of the city field. It is also reduced if the citypart is devasted what means a critical state of structural integrity or health if you like to say so.

Ground Field Types

In Imagine Earth there are 8 types of ground that can give your buildings a much higher productivity (or in some cases a much lower). This short overview will help you to decide how to place your buildings.

Soil Soil
is the default ground type for your land buildings.


FossilFossils deposit
will increase the productivity of power plants that rely on energy sources.Coal and gas power plants are a good example.

ground makes the crop yield of your farms much larger.

on the contrary, isn’t a good place for a farm. Nevertheless, a solar park will have it’s highest energy output when built into a desert. 

fields are know to by windy spots and will increase the production of wind farm.

fields will allow you to place some different kinds of buildings.


Oil fields
are the right place to build an oil rig.
Fishfishing grounds
will let your fishery produce a lot of food.
LockedMountain Fields
They remain inaccessable the whole time.

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