Game Characters

Redesign / Illustration

Hi, we’re looking for a redesign for the characters in Imagine Earth – our climate crisis simulation game. Here are some screenshots on how these game characters appear in our planetary buildup simulation. This page is about what needs to be done and what we are looking for.

  • We are looking for: Long 2D Character work experience in games
  • Experience with stylized character work
  • Portfolio demonstrating exceptional character designs
  • Strong knowledge of human proportions with a focus on faces and emotions
  • Love and passion for video games

Aspired style

The design of the characters should be age-neutral and basically friendly, because Imagine Earth does not have a warlike setting and wants to appeal to a broad audience. The game is mainly about building and supplying global civilizations, trade between factions and avoiding climate change and environmental destruction. The look should define a balanced middle ground between artistic and naturalistic and should not be too specific.

Changes with Redesign

Of course we want those characters to become bigger on this occasion. As you can see the characters always appear separately in communication windows and on panels. For a good look they should have at least 700 x 1000 pixels to at least this big in 4k resolution. What follows is a provisional board of characters for our community translators but it shows them all together.

Job Details

  • Redesign / illustration for 19 characters
  • At least 13 characters need a set of 5 standard face emotions ( neutral, scared, happy/friendly, surprised/excited, angry ) to express diplomatic climate and emotional relationships in the game.
  • Size should be 700×1000 pixels each and 3-5 main characters even bigger for a use in cover illustrations.
  • Another work package would be to give all characters a neutral mouth / speech animation and also a blink animation. But because we could also use still images, my idea would be to set and price this task separately in an offer.


If this job sounds interesting to you just send us a message to with a portfolio link that shows advanced works in a suitable sci-fi character style and we can come back to you with a small art research regarding the style we want to achieve.

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