Creative Rewards Guidelines

Creative Rewards

When you create content for Imagine Earth, you are creating first-class content. This means that whatever you make won’t be an unimportant throwaway in a corner somewhere – players will interact directly with your content for tens of hours at a time. Your descriptions will be translated into other languages, and for some rewards even stories will be invented based off them.

Sounds great, right? Well, this also means we have to set a really high and consistent standard for this content, because it’s really important. This document describes that standard.

When you submit content, it’ll get checked by moderators. If it doesn’t fit into the game, you’ll get an email saying so and a chance to try again. But if you never submit anything that fits, you’ll never get anything in the game. Nobody is guaranteed to have their content in the game, even if they paid to back the game at the appropriate level.

We’re totally ready to take questions and clarify things. If you’re got a question, head to the creative rewards forum.

Some hard rules:

  • We only support Roman letters and no accents.
  • No names of public figures or celebrities, or known fictional characters or anything else copyrighted.
  • No company names!
  • Standard capitalization only.

Name a City

Every city built on the planet will receive a random name (which can be changed by the player). The perk “Name a City” gives you the opportunity to put a name of your choice into the random list. The game feature to name a city is not available in the demo. This is what it might look like in the final game:


Some examples:

  • Your hometown: Brunswick
  • Your favourit city: Boulder
  • A reference to a city: New Frisco
  • A fantasy name based on your name/nickname: Jookitown

City names so far:

  • Barbecke
  • Catherine’s Hafen
  • Coruscanta
  • Esbjerg
  • Flintbeck
  • Helldrungen
  • Lexien
  • New Adlikon
  • Oakla Bay
  • Rosenheim
  • Mullandia
  • Mernda

Your Name in the Top 10 /  Top 3

Every planet has a Top 10 leaderboard for it’s mission and other game modes. It is filled with fictional “players” as placeholders. This perk brings your name or nickname into these Top 10 where every player will see it.


You highscore name can have up to 18 letters.
You decide what is shown:

  • your real name, e.g. Michael Smith
  • your nickname, e.g. Mike
  • both, e.g. Michael “Mike” Smith (as long as it fits into 18 letters)

It is ok to use your internet handle (online nickname), as long as it doesn’t violate any law or cause problems.

Landlord (Crowdfunding only)

We will put a “physical” sign on one of the continents that can be clicked and shows that you are the landlord of this area.

Some examples:

  • “Landlord Martin of Utopia” – OK
  • “Landlord Gonzo of Krustyland” – NOT POSSIBLE, because Gonzo is a Sesame Street character and Krustyland is a theme park in the Simpsons universe

Character with Side Quest (Crowdfunding only)

We will create a charcter based on a picture of you. You can give this character a name that has to fit into the theme of the story. You can also suggest what the side quest should be, but we have to make sure that it fits into the story and gameplay of the mission.

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