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Alpha 30 – Hyperspace Gate

Welcome to the hyperspace! We are starting to extend the campaign with bonus planets you can access using a hyperspace gate. This gate is being build by Moax the tech trader, who will be able to complete his construction if you find and deliver him enough ideon crystals during the campaign missions.

Udoxia Galaxy

The gate leads into a new galaxy that contains new planets and missions.


Edora is the first planet in the Udoxia Galaxy. A small planet with giant icebergs at its polar caps. The low valleys of this planet will be flooded immediately by the melt of global warming.

The planet offers a predefined expansion competition against two opposing fractions. This world is also the experimental test ground to establish and improve AI battles in the game. Please give your feed back on how we could improve the interaction with other factions.

Having predefined competitions with a general comparable highscore might be the main concept of the missions in this galaxy. It adds playable content and challenging competition with some additional extra goals to master. This reduces the necessity of story filled scripted missions that need endless balancing.

New alien race: Minas

This short-lived race of typhers and diggers builds giants machines to rummage through entire solar systems searching for rare earths and noble metals. Even though they totally ignore money they are valuable trading partners. They produce rare items and exchange them for raw materials. You will meet these dudes for the first time in a reworked Lorian mission… and they will occur eventually on all following planets.

New terrain texturing algorithm

We have put some additional work into our terrain texturing algorithm to make sure the characteristics of each field are visualized in a clear way. This includes the fertility, temperature and rockiness. In addition fields that might be flooded by rising sea levels have a more sandy or stony look. The transition from one characteristic to another used to be quite blurred. The new shader uses material based alpha blending to enhance this. For example you will see little green spots on terrain, when it becomes more fertile.

Brush sizes

Choose four different brush sizes when drawing height, fertility, temperature, rockiness, forests and bioms.

Editing local temperature is now clamped between +/-20°C

Forest brush

The brandnew „Forest brush“ places forests that match the local field types and ground conditions. That’s good, because the plants need certain climate conditions to prosper and grow.

Improved forests

The updated use of transparency for deciduous and acacia forests, mushrooms and palm trees shows a great way to revolutionize the overall look of Imagine Earth’s flora.


Deposits of this new rare metalic resource can be found primarily in the dryland biom which are infertile areas with medium temperature. Titanite is so far just costly and exchangable with bombs at the Minas store.

Campaign translation possible

For those in our community who are interested in translating the game. It is finally possible to do translation of the mission scripts as well. Now it is possible to translate every single written word in Imagine Earth. All details are explained in the community translations section of the forums.

New item: Rocket kit

As rockets are now at the end of the research chain. Luckily you can buy rocket building sets from our latest alien race, the Minas.

Construction drones

We have implemented flying construction drones. They lift off and land in a new hangar at the city center tower. It’s an early version but its already fun to see them being busy to set up new constructs. Future implementations might include harvester drones for resources that start and land on warehouses or automated repair drones on the repair units. Currently the city center has one drone per city level.

Other stuff

  • Traders leave when spaceport is destroyed
  • Terrain height is visualized with height lines
  • Fixed „no sound“ problem
  • Improved „white screen on startup“ problem
  • Big Illuminati temples are no longer destroyable
  • Activating the shield on Bora needs a single completely loaded big Illuminati temple
  • Free Play: Renamed threats to events and added the miner, tech trader and merchant
  • Improved „earth over“ messages
  • Meteorite metal is now called crytanite
  • Display status timer ring for crashing meteorites

PS: Thanks to all of you who voted us in the indie of the year competition. We made it into the overall top 100 and the top 4 of futuristic sims – next to Space Engineers, Empyrion and RimWorld!

Alpha 29 „Hexa Style“

The December release brings you a little research revolution. As you can see we finally turned the research system into something that offers you freedom of choice on how to develop and enables strategic decisions.

Hexa Style Research

You can now do cross research: Licensing one research option will unlock all its neighbors. We are about to install a simple system that delivers a function to highlight groups like upgrades, tools, improvements and special functions with different colors.

Indie of the Year AwardsIndie of 2016

We are in the Top 100 on IndieDB and one of 4 finalists in Genre „Futuristic Sim“. Please support Imagine Earth for indie of the year 2016. Just follow this link and click the vote button. Thx!

Tech Menu: Auto-Build Upgrades

Upgrades that have been researched can now be selected in the development panel. When activated they are built together with the construct they belong to. This immediately rises the functionality of the building and spares you a lot of extra click-work.

The tech panel is now the perfect place to get and compare all information about the available constructs. You can click on developed buildings here to build them directly: The menu automatically closes and you place the chosen structure in your build radius.

Upgrade Balancing

The prices for installing researched upgrades on buildings are now massively discounted and rebalanced. We made it cheaper because the building space is much easier to obtain these days and it’s less important that you can make one field unit produce more.

Play-On Campaign Missions

You can now play along on a campaign planet after finishing it’s mission. Continue expanding your cities find all the Ideon around and finish some bonus mission goals or just go on to expand your colony as much as you like.

Other stuff

  • Changed layout of research, tech and landing permit panels
  • Ground type fertile now also visible in cold regions
  • Cultivation unit does not longer depend on ground fertility
  • Show production values of a building during build process
  • Fixed problems with Xrathul ships in Magni mission
  • Fixed problems with AI players in Bora mission

Alpha 28 „Biomes“

  • 9 different biome types to classify different areas on each planet
  • Planet texturing based on biomes
  • Planet generator based on biomes
  • Biome editor in sandbox mode
  • New forest type Acacia
  • New food producing building Cultivation Unit
  • First version of Spanish community translation
  • Balancing of forests and buildings


This is a fundamental new (and really awesome) gameplay element. Biomes classify the average temperature and fertility of a small planet area. Each comes with an individual type of forest and graphics for the ground, rocks and mountains.


Summed up: It’s much easier to just see how well a certain area on the planet fits the needs of your colony. Here is a short description of all 9 biomes:

  • Rainforest: Hot and very fertile area where palm trees grow.
  • Savanna: Hot area of medium fertility where acacia grow.
  • Desert: Hot and barren area where cacti grow.
  • Subtrope: Fertile area where thick bamboo forests grow.
  • Temperate zone: Area with moderate fertility and temperatures, in which a lot of deciduous forest grows.
  • Drylands: Infertile area in the medium temperature range.
  • Mires: Cold but fertile area in which mushroom forest grows.
  • Taiga: Cold area of medium fertility with a lot of coniferous forest.
  • Mountain: Cold area of high elevation, which is mostly barren. Thinly populated with coniferous forest.

In addition Illuminati temples and camps are placed in the hot biomes rainforest, savanna and desert. Other temples and native camps are used in the moderate temperature areas of the subtrope biome, temperate zone and drylands.

Since this is a completely new game element we still have to figure out a few details. Please let us know what you think about the biomes!

Biome based planet generator

Those biomes are perfect to generate different types of planets.


As shown above the planet generator now allows you to define the biome distribution on the planet.

Each planet themes also come with a predefined configuration. E.g. Bora is a very fertile planet that mainly comes with the fertile biomes Rainforest, Subtrope and Mires, but also some areas of Savanna, Temperate zone and Taiga.

Biome sandbox editor

In the sandbox editor you can use the biomes to paint the planet with regions of different temperature, fertility, fossils, forests, rocks, rare resources and temples.


Cultivation Unit

This new building is made available in the Joma mission. It breeds and harvests crops that thrive in symbiosis with the local flora. Therefore, each adjacent forest piece  increases the yield of berries and herbs.


The upgrade „bio lab“ reduces the costs of the cultivation program by genetic adaptation of the seedlings to local conditions.

The upgrade „external herb beds“ enables the cultivation of valuable herbs and grasses on areas that can not be used for other plants.


A new type of forest that is very robust against drought and mainly spread in the savanna biome.


Community Translation

Alpha 28 comes with the first version of a Spanish translation that has been written by Purple Sister. THANKS A LOT! In addition a french translation is in progress.

If you are also working on a translation or would like to contribute, please let us know in the community translation thread in the forums.


We have updated the Imagine Earth fonts with a few new letters (for czech). In addition the many UI elements now automatically make sure the text fits into the available space.

The next big step here for us is to make missions translatable.


  • Frontier tower is now available starting with the Joma mission
  • Relocation tool now also relocated upgrades
  • Explosive device now completely blasts rocks (instead of only 50%)
  • Forest growth calculation has been updated based on the new biomes
  • Mine produces more at lower cost
  • Recycling factory produces more goods
  • Sorting system no longer causes increased ground pollution
  • Fishing port upgrades require less energy and money
  • Cattle farm needs less energy and money
  • Waterworks has greater dependence on fertility

Special thanks to Justice for writing a very detailed balancing feedback on this!

Other stuff

  • Completely pause the game
  • New ideon goal in Joma mission (5th bonus goal)
  • Pulse cannon is available for defense against first Xrathul wave on Magni
  • Orientation of particle effects for better engine exhaust graphics
  • New animation for fishing port graphics
  • New colorization and icons for rare resources
  • Big Illuminati temple has now up to 8 gaian power slots
  • Graphics setting „Shader quality“ allows disabling normals maps for more performance
  • New neutral smiley icon when when city is unpopulated
  • Number of available items sold be the tech trader is now shown as bars

Indie of the Year Award

Help us win the Indie of the Year AwardIndie of the Year Awards

Alpha 27 „Tech Trader & Translation“

We are approaching the cold time of the year – at least here in Germany. This means we have even more time to build great stuff and here is the content of our latest release:

  • Imagine Earth is ready for community translation
  • New construct – Glassworks
  • Tech trader
  • 3 new items: City expansion kit, Land reclamation, Explosive device
  • Sign treaty with natives
  • Climate countdown
  • Time based auto-save
  • Spaceport upgrade: Rocket terminal

Community translation

Imagine Earth is ready to be translated into other languages. The game now comes with a directory that contains the internationalization data. You can access it to translate Imagine Earth into your own language. Read all the details about this in the translation section of the forums.

New construct – Glassworks

The glassworks produces windows, lenses and glass containers. For this purpose particularly fine sand is used. So desert fields increase the productivity of the factory.


The glassworks is introduced in the Rounos mission.

Tech trader

A tech dealer sells special items to you. In addition, he also re-purchases unused ones and is buying rare resources.


The tech trader is introduced in the Joma mission – so this is worth being played again.

New Items

Alpha 27 comes with three new items that are sold by the Tech Trader. All items are introduced in the Joma mission.


City expansion kit

This technology enables you to expand a city district that has not reached the necessary infrastructure level in surrounding districts.
Not applicable to city centers.

Land reclamation

Let an ocean or coastal field will become land.
The field has to be adjacent to another land field.

Explosive device

Enables the blasting of buildings, forests and rocks in your area and on all fields directly adjacent to it. In buildings, the ruin can be removed with a second blast.

Sign treaty with natives


The interaction with native camps has been adjusted a bit:
You can now sign a treaty with the tribe. As the „diplomacy“ tool did before, this allows you to trade with them and to use the surrounding land of all the camps of the tribe. In exchange, you provide all the camps with a small amount of goods.

Climate countdown


Once the climate balance goes into negative you can hover the climate information area to see how much time remains to rescue the planet. This is calculated based on the current level of global warming and emissions.

Time based auto-save


The game now automatically saves your state of the game every 15 minutes. In the game options you can also disable this or set it to 30, 45 or 60 minutes.

Spaceport upgrade: Rocket terminal


In order to be able to build rockets to send resources into space you now have to research and build the spaceport upgrade „rocket terminal“.

Additional changes

  • The merchant is now part of the Tuto mission
  • Destroy Xrtahul harvester ships with meteorites
  • Ideon deposits contain either a lot of ideon or a very small amount
  • Adjusted mission briefing layout
  • Fixed orientation of huge mountains and volcanoes

That’s it! And again: Please remember that you can take part in the community translation of Imagine Earth in the translation section of the forums.

Alpha 26 „Fine-tuning“

After a great holiday season we are back with a bunch of enhancements and a lot of fine-tuning:

  • victory points panel for competition mode
  • special offer: ideon scanner
  • new item: super fertiliser
  • population statistics panel
  • Rounos & Magni missions improved
  • optimized storage system
  • „Sell all“ trading feature
  • New graphic models – especially for rocks and mountains
  • ….

Let’s get into the details.

Victory Points Panel


From now on you’ll find all factions in a competition game in the victory points panel to the lower right. Ranked and easily comparable! Click on any player to jump to it’s next city.

Special Offer: Ideon Scanner


We are starting to equip the space traders store with more interesting tactical items. After being bought they go into your inventory and can be used any time you need.

The Ideon scanner for example reveals the size of an Ideon deposit far away from your base. This is interesting as well in the context that rare resources will now be visible from the distance but it remains unclear how much of a special substance or mineral is actually in the pile of rocks and it will only be revealed by the scanner or by getting that deposit in your building range.


Special Item: Super Fertiliser

Fertilizer can be bought in the shop for 2.500 and raise the fertility by 25% on all fields but deserts. This of course is beneficial for farms and forests.

Population Statistic Panel


It took a long time but now they are ready: Statistics about the life quality of your colony’s inhabitants and the overall housing space.

Rounos & Magni Improved

Both missions are now much better balanced in terms of money available, global climate and difficulty level of the goals. In addition we have replaced some lame goals with more interesting ones and we have done a ton of fine-tuning!


Optimized Storage System

The storing of resources needed a make up. The system is now automatically configured to complete packages of certain resources and specially the ones which where prioritized by you.  It even pauses the mining of rare resources to ensure there is enough place for prioritized ones. This way you will very likely end up with ready-to-sell resource packages when the traders is passing by.

Trade Faster: Sell All


Pretty clear what this function does, isn’t it? If you’re tired of selling your stuff one by one, you can stuff the trader with all you get by the click of one button or ring key shortcut.

New Graphics Models


…and so we added some big mountain models that meet the theme of planet Joma. The big deal about this is that we now got some sets of dependencies like woods fitting to rocks fitting to mountains fitting to big mountains. Themes that would work to create unique styled islands on greater generated planets an the type of rocks or mountains might even indicate which one of the fossils resources you find under them as we develop this further.

  • You might as well enjoy the redesigned theme of Magni
  • And the new cursor graphics for tools and items

Other stuff

  • Sandbox: Terrain tools show values of each field (e.g. temperature, height, etc.)
  • Sandbox: Temperature tool modifies whole region instead of single fields
  • Balancing of emission values for goods producing buildings
  • Free play Rules : Receive city centers for growing population
  • Planet rotation in main menu
  • Animation for quest icons
  • Speaker icons over other player’s cities
  • Loads of UI fixes
  • Loose game when all cities are taken or destroyed
  • Firework goes on during end of mission slides

Alpha 25 „Colony Score“

After the last release focused on the trading system, this one brings:

  • Terrain tools –  temperature, fertility and height
  • Cragginess of terrain
  • Research budget for expansions
  • New UI for technology licenses
  • New rare resource: Corals
  • AI improvements
  • Colony value
  • High score revolution
  • More (see end of post)

The one big thing of this release is the new stats and highscore system that calculates the colony value based on your population, city area, buildings and more.

Terrain tools –  temperature, fertility and height


With the tools shown in the image above you can apply regional modifications to the height, temperature, fertility and pollution of every field.

Cragginess of terrain

High terrain and areas around mountains are more craggy and less fertile. In addition we changed terrain texturing. Areas around fertile fields and desserts become more green or brown due to their actual fertility level.

Research budget for expansions

Research Budget

We tried a messed up science point system and now replaced it with a simple district expansion logic that offers fresh research budgets in an easier way than ever before. You can still get these budgets  from the space trader and it feels good to have these function sorted out of the mission goal system on the lower right of the UI.

New UI for technology licenses


Constantly repeating reward mechanisms, like those for technology licenses, have a new place in the upper left corner of the screen. The company is supporting the growth your colony if you manage to push up your colony value.

New rare resource: Corals


Another precious resource that you can harvest from the depth of the sea. Corals can be harvested for medical substances. This brings us closer to having a great variety of individual resources that are specially made for trade. Corals are the first rare resource that regrows.

AI improvements


  • AI now puts more effort into building the cities in a way that allows to expand them as much as possible.
  • AI is building a warehouse and harvests rare resources.
  • AI opponents are building spaceports and sell resources to the space merchants.

Colony value

colony score

Here’s the inconspicuous big move of release 25 because the colony value is an all over indicator for the wealth of your colony.

This colony value now defines how much money you get if sell shares of your colony and how their price is going through the roof in further development. That’s possible because every factor is directly converted into capital ( the official currency in all known space so far. )

It has integrate all mayor factors beginning with the population and the worth of your constructions and their productivity. It also includes the size of occupied land, the quality of life and the count of installed upgrades. And at least it substracts emissions and pollution.

High score revolution

The high score ( now colony score ) is also depending on your reached colony value. But you will only get as much score as you have kept your shares own colony shares. If you sold 50% of them for cheap credit you halved your final score as well…

Still worth noticing that reachable scores skyrocketed with this upgrade and your chance to reach one of the first places is better than ever.

Other stuff

  • Meteorites take longer to drop (50 seconds). In addition lasers are now built 50% faster. Thisway, it should be much easier to deal with the meteorite shower on Lorian.
  • It’s possible to start building directly from the technology menu
  • New Upgrade graphics for park district and financial district
  • Planet generator makes sure there is enough space between volcanoes, huge mountains, temples and natives
  • Fixed screenshot light problems
  • Streets fade in and out while building or destructing

Alpha 24 „Rare Resources & Trade“

This release comes with the following new content, gameplay features and UI improvements:

  • Rare resources: Gold, Ideon & Meteorite Metal
  • Changed Warehouse storage system
  • Merchant lands on Spaceports
  • New user interface for trade
  • Natives sell ideon treasure maps
  • Reworked Joma and Tuto missions
  • More (see end of post)

We are very happy with the feeling of the new trading system. Making additional money to allow for a fast expansion is a real gameplay changer.

In addition to this early access release we will also updated the demo version. The old one still has the state of Alpha 18, so it is about time to update it with the changes of the last half year.

Rare Resources: Gold, Ideon & Meteorite Metal

We have added a new category of resources to the game. Rare resources are not consumed by your people. Instead they can be used for trading and since they are precious you can make a lot of money by selling them.

2016-06-30 Rare

Important: Ideon is now revealed whenever it’s rock field becomes part of your territory. You no longer need to mine rocks to find out if there is some Ideon hidden within.

When your warehouse storage is full, the mining process will be paused which is visualized by a fading icon.


Mining gold or other rare resources requires a warehouse. By default a single warehouse can store up to 2,000 resource units (used to be 1,000) which equals 2 trade packages.

You can also upgrade the warehouse with a storage for goods and other resources. Please note that the these upgrades now have to be researched first.

2016-06-30 Warehouse

Merchant on Spaceport

Instead of landing somewhere on the planet (forcing you to search him) the merchant now lands on the spaceport. As soon as you have built one, you can open it to see when the next merchant will arrive. In addition you can also pay a bonus to the merchant to make sure he doesn’t stop at other planets and comes directly to you.

2016-06-30 Merchant

You can still send up resources on your own by building a spaceship. If you spaceport is blocked by a merchant you can send him away anytime.

Trade User Interface

We have created a new user interface for the trade system. So you no longer need to click through multiple layers in the ring menu to find a resource to buy or sell. The interface gives a complete overview of things you can buy and sell and everything is reachable with a single click.

2016-06-30 TradeUI

The same interface is also used when sacrificing at temples or „negotiating“ with natives and Xrathul.

Trading with Natives

As soon as you have negotiated a partnership with a native tribe they start to sell native food to you. With the new release the natives now also sell treasure maps that reveal locations of Ideon. This is useful for the Rounos mission, but also important whenever you need to decide on a good spot for the next city landing capsule.

2016-06-30 IdeonMap

Tuto & Joma Reworked

All the changes describe above need a proper integration and explanation in the game. To assure you understand how to use everything we have modified the Tuto and Joma missions. Especially the latter one is worth playing it again, because there are new goals and things to do.

2016-06-30 Joma


  • Credits now properly show the list of our crowdfunding supporters again
  • Increased city tax revenue a bit
  • Competition AI is now capable to make more than 7 victory points
  • New graphics for city protection shield
  • Free play and competition: Other companies land with 15 seconds delay
  • New laser cool-down animation
  • Xrathul harvester ships can now be focused by multiple lasers at the same time
  • New icon for negative growth influence on forest
  • Fixed message panel layout

Alpha 23 „Winter is Coming“

Important: With this release we switch our underlying technology from XNA (DirectX 9) to MonoGame (DirectX 11). We have tested this a lot, but it’s still possible that some of you are having problems. Please send an email to

This release comes with the following new content, gameplay features and UI improvements:

  • Snow graphics
  • Laser and pulse cannon for frontier tower and buoy station
  • New building: Logistics center
  • Colony shares section in resources user interface
  • Changed research system
  • New bottom (messages) and time UI
  • List of cities and bookmarks
  • MonoGame technology
  • More (see end of post)

Although watching Game of Thrones took some of our precious time we are still very satisfied with the results ;-). The next things on our list are: Improve the trading system and UI, add new resources to the game that are not part of your population’s needs, add more visual life to the planet and more.

2016-06-02 PulseCannon

Laser, Pulse Cannon and Shield for Frontier Tower

There are three things we have done here. First, we have made the laser upgrades available for frontier buildings (tower and buoy). That allows you to defend against meteorites and Xrathul without having to build a research district somewhere outside your cities.

Second, the frontier buildings now also have the shield generator upgrade. It allows you to protect the surrounding fields from tornadoes and volcanic eruptions.

Third, the „Anti-Xrathul Laser“ is now called „Pulse Cannon“ and received some new visuals as you can see in the following screenshot.

2016-06-02 LogisticsCenter

Logistics Center

The logistics center is a complete new building. It optimizes the production and transport of goods and food. The performance of every neighboring construct producing these resource types is increased.

The center can be equipped with auto repair and remediation upgrades (at the same time). Both upgrades are no longer available for frontier tower and buoy station.

There is a new „Infrastructure“ category in the build ring which is also visible in the technology menu.


The last releases have added things like ground fertility and temperature to the game. A local temperature of under -5°C is now visualized by a decent snow cover on the planet, trees and buildings. This is especially important for farms, because their productivity is much lower in cold regions.

2016-06-02 Snow

Colony Shares

Selling colony shares allows you to increase your capital. In addition you are able to take over cities of other players, by owning 50% of their shares (free play and competition).

This is obviously a very important feature that was not well represented in the user interface. We have added a new slot to the resource bar that gives you quick access to the shares options and shows how much shares you currently own.

2016-06-02 ColonyShares

PS: Note that you have to pay a dividend to the owners of sold shares. If you buy shares from other companies, you get paid a dividend.


We have decided to increase the total number of research points you can earn in the missions. This means tools and upgrades are no longer unlocked in groups of two. This change also gives us more freedom in terms of adding new stuff to the research.

The migration logic should automatically make sure you keep the things you have researched.

2016-06-02 Research

Bottom UI

The user interface at the middle bottom of the screen has received some polishing. All options (previous messages, navigation mode, victory points, statistics and menu) are visible at any time.

2016-06-02 BottomUi

Time UI

Time is now visualized in a way that makes it easier to recognize the numbers. For example „34:06“ is 34 space minutes and 06 seconds which is comparable to 5 and a half years on earth (one space second is round about a day).

2016-06-02 TimeUi

TimeSpeedIconsThe speed of time is still controllable in 5 steps ranging from one-quarter speed to four times the speed.

List of Cities and Bookmarks

Last but not least a new „power feature“. You can use the numbers keys to bookmark specific fields and jump to them by clicking the number or the new user interface elements at the top right of the screen.

To create a bookmark simply hover a field with the cursor and press the number key for a few seconds. New built cities are automatically added to your list of bookmarks, but you can also use this feature for quick jumps to an enemy colony, a temple or another interesting region on the planet.

2016-06-02 Bookmarks


2016-06-02 MonoGameWith this release we switch our underlying technology from XNA (DirectX 9) to MonoGame (DirectX 11). This makes it a lot easier for us to find bugs and enhance the performance of Imagine Earth. We have tested the MonoGame version a lot, but it’s still possible that some of you are having problems. Please send an email to


  • reduced start money for most missions
  • camera can zoom closer to the terrain
  • price for harvesting forest and rocks is no longer payed upfront, but during the process
  • smaller world icons with less object overlap
  • tree are slowly moving in the win
  • Xrathul ships no longer intersect with the terrain
  • player’s laser cannons no longer attack meteorite that targets electronic employee
  • AI saves money and buys meteorite to attack electronic employee
  • climate levy balancing
  • fixed vanishing oil pests on Lorian
  • optimized visuals in tool ring
  • global warming replaced with player’s emission balance in the stats
  • loads of detail improvements

Take Part in MonoGame Testrun

Hi, as announced with the last alpha release, we are replacing the underlying game framework XNA with MonoGame. This makes it a lot easier for us to find bugs and enhance the performance of Imagine Earth (e.g. by using DirectX 11). In addition it enables us to port Imagine Earth to other platforms, though this is not something we plan to do at the moment.

Since technological changes often come with bugs, we need your help to test the new MonoGame version of Imagine Earth.

We have a beta version available for you to test. This will not affect your savegame or anything and you can switch back anytime if you are experiencing problems.

All you need to do is:

  1. open the Imagine Earth properties in Steam, go to the „BETAS“ tab
  2. enter the access code „monogametest“ and press the „check code“ button
  3. finally select the „monogame“ beta and accept. Now Steam will load the changed files
  4. Try the game and let us know if it works

2016-05-01 MonoGameBeta